On the Value of Faith

John Mark D. Mata

Keynote speeches place spotlight on the magnanimity of the Catholic faithful

“My strength is on reliance in my faith so that I don’t get carried away from the strong currents of this river. But, be assured that I will not drown if I continue to trust God.”

Batch Representative John Mark D. Mata, a Bukidnon native and Angelicum Foundation scholar, describes his life journey as a fickle river during his graduation speech. Quiet one moment, raging the next. He continues to credit his achievements at Dualtech, and his strides in his chosen profession, to his faith—a beacon of light that guides him to the path he needs to take.

John’s outlook is a beautiful respite from the usual perspective of many young people today. To others, the struggle is always credited to the self; one’s own ability and understanding. To John, at every step of the way, his faith is his guide, and he thanks Dualtech and Angelicum for the chance to improve on that.

In a similar vein, Mr. Hiroji Okamoto, Chairman, President and CEO of Shi Manufacturing and Services Philippines, Incorporated in his keynote address credits the success of the Dualtech scholars to their hard work and goodwill—values that are ever-present in the Catholic faith. He expressed his wonder for the Filipino spirit; how it remains relentless and undeterred in the face of adversity, and thanks to Dualtech for inculcating these values to their graduates.

“Some  of you will now look for a job from reputable companies, from the organization you have been wishing to enter or to work with Shims,” he concluded. “There will be difficulties you will encounter while applying for a job but never give up, you will find that job meant for you,” he added.

As leaders of their respective levels, both John and Mr. Okamoto are heralding the importance of faith, determination and hard work in success. John remains grateful to the institution, the mentors he received tutelage from, the fellow friends and classmates he encountered, and above all else, to the Lord, and his infinite wisdom and kindness. Mr. Okamoto fervently believes that these positive values and steadfast character will propel Dualtech graduates further into their chosen career, as the road to their future stretches before them.


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