Scholarship Policy

Dualtech Center’s scholarship program aims to train scholars for employment

Scholars are accepted based on their desire to find jobs after the scholarship. In this context, “study” is synonymous with “work”. Hence, to work is to study, and vice-versa, right from the first day of training.

Be an Inspiration. Study in Dualtech.

Scholarship refers, not only to the acceptance of subsidy for the course or studies but, the possession of an attitude for “study” which impels one to excel in his course or endeavor. Scholars are expected to exert great effort to empower themselves with knowledge and skills for productive tasks. Emphasis is, therefore, given to the exercise of self-driven habit for learning, creating a culture of “training for work” starting with “training to study”. The school will assure and test for the minimum qualification, but scholars will work for their own personal excellence.

The total training cost for two (2) years includes: salaries of teachers and other staff, utilities, materials, equipment, insurance, allowances, retreats, seminars and other benefits.

The parents/guardians share only a part of the cost. Thus, students can be rightly called “scholars”, because a greater part of the training cost is advanced by Dualtech Center and later partly sponsored or subsidized by partner-companies. Moreover, scholars receive monthly allowance during in-plant training.

Be a Scholar

You can be a Dualtech Scholar if you are:

  • A male high-school graduate
  • 18-22 years old
  • Willing to work
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the Scholarship Agreement

Application Procedures

  1. Applicant must fill-up Application Form.
  2. Applicant and parent/guardian read and agree with the scholarship policy.
  3. Applicant and parent/guardian must attend an Orientation Day.
  4. Applicant must submit filled-up Application Form during interview on Orientation Day.

If you are interested in applying or to refer someone, please submit an application using the Student Application Form.