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Be a Mentor

Dualtech Center was established in 1982 to provide skills education and values formation to the youth thereby addressing the problem of poverty.

Dualtech thus pioneered the Dual Training System in the Philippines adapting the German way of technical education to the local setting. The Dual-Training System Law (RA7686) fosters partnership between schools and industry. It facilitates employment through a structured “learning while doing” approach and gives appropriate formation through cycles of theory and practice.

As of end of 2014, Dualtech has graduated over 10,000 students inclusive of almost 400 aircraft mechanics that it trained together with Lufthansa Technik Philippines from 2001 to 2007. Among these graduates are entrepreneurs, general managers, supervisors, foremen, technicians, mechanics, whom the school trained to be responsible Christian professionals (two have become priests).


A developmental caring, sharing and helping relationship where one person invests time, know-how and effort in enhancing another person’s growth, knowledge and skills.


One who offers knowledge, insight, perspective or wisdom that is helpful to another person in a relationship that goes beyond duty or obligation.


A recipient of a mentor’s help especially a person who seeks out such help and uses it appropriately for developmental purposes whenever needed.

Who may volunteer?
  • Professionals who wish to help young people
  • Single or married, gainfully employed with time to spare
  • Able to travel to Dualtech Canlubang or to its Activity Center
  • Males, ages 20 or above

Benefits of being a Mentor

A mentor will

  • Be able to help the mentee to see realistically what ought to be done to improve one’s state in life.
  • Be able to inspire the mentee to dream and aspire for a better tomorrow for himself and for others.
  • Be able to influence the mentee to improve his job and professional performance.
  • Be able to impart important life skills on his mentee.
  • Gain satisfaction and benefit from his contribution that he is able to help in strengthening persons to become useful to society and the country in general.

Our mentees’ Background

Our mentees come from mostly low-income families. They undergo training with us which consists of two phases.

The first phase is a 6-month basic in-school integrated learning in the classroom and hands-on-training that includes mechanical, electrical and electronics fundamentals.

The second phase is the apprenticeship in partner companies for up to 18 months. During this phase, the scholars attend weekly mentoring sessions in Dualtech to ensure continuing value formation and professional upbringing.

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