Be a Partner

We invite you to host scholars in your factories as on-the-job trainees. With this, you can also fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Partner companies may provide in-plant training up to 18 months. To sponsor the training of a Dualtech scholar, the company funds the training subsidy. Dualtech takes care of the monthly stipend.

Dualtech Student Training

Benefits of Being a Partner

Among the benefits of partnership are:

  1. Productivity & Quality training due to in-plant work exposure (familiarity with processes and products)
  2. Adequate evaluation period for possible future hiring
  3. Investment towards a social good
  4. The beneficiaries are highly trainable young scholars who passed the basic training with practical hands-on exposure in laboratories and workshops. Sponsoring these trainees helps the underprivileged.

How to Become a Partner

  1. Visit Dualtech Center Canlubang campus for partnership discussion and training facility tour. Inquiry and Request Appointment here.
  2. Ask Dualtech to send pro-forma Memorandum of Agreement after the visit.
  3. Schedule Dualtech Center coordinator to visit the plant to see the work stations of the trainees and meet with counterparts to discuss training plan.
  4. Schedule signing of MOA and Training Plan.
  5. Screening and selection of trainees.
  6. Trainees to start after the completion of necessary documents required by the company.

In-Plant training program is a collaborative effort

Professionals serving in various sectors of industry

A Message from Dualtech's Chairman

On behalf of the board of trustees, we thank you partners. As we look back in the 32 years of Dualtech Center and the celebration of the 20th year of Dual Training System Law, we could take pride in the number of graduates who have passed the Dualtech system who count 10,000 now.