Board of Trustees, Officers and Members

Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc.

Board of Trustees

Mr. Rolando A. Rodriguez

Mr. Christopher J. Nelson
Vice Chairman

Atty. Jose Wilfrido S. Oca
Corporate Secretary

Mr. Evaristo S. Francisco Jr.


Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas
Mr. Estelito C. Biacora
Mr. Felix P. Mabanta, Jr.
Mr. Cesar A. Averia, Jr.
Mr. Francisco C. Garcia
Mr. Fredie C. Parpan
Mr. Henry S. Bensurto Jr.
Mr. Arnolfo S. Morfe
Mr. Jose P. Santiago Jr.
Mr. Isidro A. Sobrecarey

Our Management

Mr. Jerry Webb E. Muhi
President & Executive Director

Mr. Joel C. Del Rosario
Director, Fundamentals Training and Basic Mentoring

Mr. Francis A.S. Carlos
Director, Industrial Training and Work Mentoring

Mr. Arwin F. Habana
Director, Human Resource and Administration

Mr. Rodolfo V. Sta. Ana III
Manager, Community and Compliance Relations

Mr. Rommel T. Tejada
Manager, Sponsorships and Alumni Relations

Mr. Irwin V. Quitlong
Manager, Mentoring and Accompaniment Program

Mr. Philip S. Valdecanas
Manager, Projects and Services

Mr. Leonard M. Calma
Manager, Linkages

Mr. Al B. Mondejar
Manager, Learning (Self Driven Learning)

Mr. Edwin F. Reyes
Manager, Learning (Project Based Learning)

Mr. Rommel G. Orfano
Manager, Industrial Coordination

Mr. Jose B. Jacob
Head, Scholarships

Mr. Moses Elijah U. Fajardo
Head, Learning

Mr. Christian O. Grimaldo
Head, Accounting

Mr. Jefferson C. Gonzales
Head, Placement & Industry Relations