Dualtech’s Welding and Machining training courses for NSE Design

Dualtech conducted welding and machining training courses for Philippine NSE Design Services, Inc. (PNSED). There were two batches composed of mechanical engineers and the design team.

The course outlined an overview of welding and machining. On the first day, Dualtech presented an overview of welding and machining, including methods, techniques, safety procedures and good practices. This was followed by a hands-on session at Dualtech’s welding facility.

On the second day, participants focused on a hands-on workshop at Dualtech’s machining shop. The third day consisted of both welding and machining sessions.

Feedback from participants of the recent welding and machining training echoed one sentiment: Appreciation. For the participants, what truly set this training apart was its level of engagement. Participants remarked that the sessions were more involving than any they had experienced before, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective. With gratitude, they thanked Dualtech for the training experience.

It was only in late November 2022 that Dualtech welding shop was first inaugurated. With the materials support of various companies and organizations, and now the school is welcoming technicians and industry professionals looking for refresher courses in welding, and in machining as well.


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