Gaining Friendship and Confidence: Dualtech Student Welfare and Development Program

Student attrition in Dualtech is a constant concern. “homesickness” and’ financial problems” are top reasons.

There is more to homesickness and financial problems as reasons for student attrition. Consideration on the students’ idiosyncrasies comes into play. The students of Dualtech come from all over the country. They have their regional/geographical, nurture, and cultural differences. It is also too simplistic of Dualtech to merely accept the reasons for departure.

This realization brought Dualtech to establish the Student Welfare and Development Program. Dualtech went back to basics and focused on the concept that the students are, first and foremost, human beings.

The Student Welfare group is tasked with promoting the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of the students. The team adds interventions to a balanced growth and development of the scholars, to foster a culture of caring and positive interaction in the school, boarding houses, and immediate community.

Care of the scholar begins with gaining friendship and confidence. Rapport has to be established immediately so that the scholar gets to communicate his feelings and thoughts. It is a trying task to let the scholar open up to their mentors. But once the boy speaks up, great progress may be made. Because when the boy speaks, understanding begins.

The scholar has to understand that he has some duties and obligations. Firstly, he has to finish the course. And a simple reminder that he has gone through the first step of training suffices. Setting foot in Dualtech is an achievement.

Hand holding, gaining the friendship, and winning the confidence of the students are tasks not only of the Student Welfare but of every teacher and staff who are in direct contact with the scholars. That’s why there are programs where teams hold dialogues, conferences, and group discussions to look at the welfare of the scholars.

A lot still has to be done for the Student Welfare and Development of the Dualtech scholars. Assistance for better living conditions, nutrition programs, family connectivity assistance, extra-curricular activities are just some of the areas that need improvement for a holistic approach to student welfare.

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