Dualtech Center

Dualtech Center, a project of Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. (DTCFI), is a not-for-profit technical-vocational school preparing young people for employment in industrial firms. Through the Dual Training System, the school collaborates with several business entities to impart relevant skills and values to high school graduates.

The school welcomes individuals and groups who wish to contribute to poverty alleviation through technical skills training. We are the pioneer institution in applying the dual training system in the Philippines.



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ARKTECH Philippines, Inc.

mr-suzukiSuccesses Start from Big Dreams

In order for you to be successful, dapat hindi lang physically motivated. But motivated in all aspects. You have to think what you want to be after 5, 10, 30, 50 or even 100 years. Make a goal plan, then make a commitment on how to do it. It is difficult to make your commitment happens but the important thing is you have tried and you never give-up on your dreams. Maski na mistakes, maski na failed don't give-up until you get the result you desired. Whatever you want to be, just always remember that all the successes start from big dreams, wishes, hopes. And you, you started it here, right here at Dualtech. Then you're in the right track. – Mr. Nobuyoshi Suzuki,  Vice President & Marketing Director | ARKTECH PHILIPPINES, INC.

A Rugged Road To Success

la-floresThe road to success is sometimes bumpy and rugged. Trials and twists of things happen unexpectedly. We only need to believe in ourselves. You and I are called for to be the agents of change. The next coming years may be filled with excitement, new adventures and even failures. But always remember that this failure should be a source of learning and are a precursor of success. The world after this institution here in Dualtech is filled with infinite possibilities and opportunities awaiting us. Make use of what we learned here in Dualtech and during our in plant training and expand our horizon through experience.  -- LAFLORES, JAYSON B. | Silver Merit and Outstanding In-Plant Training Performance Awardee, Trained at Nestle Philippines, Inc. | Employed at Magnate Food and Drinks

Hanns Seidel Foundation

p-schaferSkilled Workers: Backbone of the Society

Skilled workers like you are the backbone of the German industry and economy – which is one of the best in the world.  You are now armed and ready to pursue the next step: use what you have learned, work towards your goals, contribute  to your families, your communities, the society… to the common good.  YOU are the backbone of the society. -- Mr. Paul G. Schäfer | Resident Representative, Hanns Seidel Foundation/Germany

Mentoring is Win-Win


“Dualtech ang naging daan kung paano ko pagsikapan at ibigay ang buo kong kakayahan sa bawat trabaho, sa bahay man o kumpanya.” This conviction was the tool Reymart Elazegui carried when Dualtech sent him to Boston Semi Equipment for his company training. He has no money to start with, nor powerful patrons to back him up to find a good company. It turned out that what Dualtech has been providing him –  holistic personal values formation with skills training, is the most important companion in his work as trainee.

Salamat Po!

Thanks our donors, benefactors, and partner companies for supporting our cause.  Many have helped our scholars by providing facility improvement, added training subsidy, scholarship grants, and living expenses aid. Many professionals have spent time for mentoring and coaching. Many alumni have shared their technical expertise and have given financial assistance to our scholars.

We can do more with your help!

Dualtech School Bus


A Generous Couple: Mr. & Mrs. Jack Herbster

Jack and Amor“It is not only in business you can grow your money; you can spend it when you give it to the right person. He will grow it because he would start earning, so then he could also help somebody. This is our investment”

This is the living principle of Mr. and Mrs. Herbster who have helped many scholars through financial assistance and parenting. Life is very simple for them. They are blessed with material wealth; and this gift is shared to the poor most especially to the young ones who have still hopes to succeed.

Contribute to the Common Good - Be Dualtech!

abarca-cHindi ko inakala na makakarating ako dito sa ganitong posisyon. Pangarap ko lang naman maging factory worker noon. Pero nagbago lahat yan ng mag-aral ako sa Dualtech. Alam mo sa sarili mo na kaya mo. Kailangan mo lang ng knowledge at skills. Ang Dualtech ay hindi tungkol sa short-cuts. Pero kung gusto mong mapabilis ang natatago mong kakayahan, ’wag kang magdalawang isip sa Dualtech. -- Christopher M. Abarca | Psi Technologies, A49-1998

Because It’s There

“Because it’s there”, is the reply of mountain climbers when asked “Why do you climb mountains?”  A mountain not conquered is an opportunity.

tacloban-boys“Because it is there” are the replies of the students from Tacloban, Bohol, and Palawan when asked “Why are you here in Dualtech?”  These students could have taken the passive way after the calamities struck their respective provinces.  There are students whose houses were crushed by a ship that run aground.  These students saw their parents remain strong during a dark moment.  These students, who experienced untimely maturation, have a mountain to climb.