Dualtech Center

Dualtech Center, a project of Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. (DTCFI), is a not-for-profit technical-vocational school preparing young people for employment in industrial firms. Through the Dual Training System, the school collaborates with several business entities to impart relevant skills and values to high school graduates.

The school welcomes individuals and groups who wish to contribute to poverty alleviation through technical skills training. We are the pioneer institution in applying the dual training system in the Philippines.



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Tougher in Life

mlopez“These experiences made us true scholars. Experiences that taught us to be patient, to stand on our own, to be more responsible in making decisions, and to be closer to God. These two years made us tougher in life not only mentally but also spiritually...” -- Mark Anthony R. Lopez, Gold Merit Awardee | Trained at Franke Foodservice System Philippines, Inc.; Employed at Sasonbi, Inc.

To Be "Tatak Dualtech"

J-SumatraI may not be able to become a doctor and civil engineer, but one thing is for sure, Dualtech helped me realize what my true dream is. As for my fellow alumni, I just hope your dreams take you: to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities and to the most special places your heart has ever known. Because we should all be proud “Tatak Dualtech”.  

Mr. Jerry D. Sumatra, Trained and Employed at Boston Semi Equipment Philippines, Inc. | Awardee, Gold Merit and Outstanding In-Plant Training Performance

TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority)

T-PascuaWe are now entering our 34th year as an institution, and we shall have six graduations this year as programmed. We estimated that we shall have about 600 graduates in total by the end of the year. This being the 1st Graduation we thought to anchor it by having with us the leadership of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. We are fortunate that we have the Deputy Director General of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, he, prior to be in TESDA, chair the board of Trustees Wesleyan University in Cabanatuan, and he took a leave as partner of a Law firm that he formed with a couple of colleagues, therefore he rendered full time to us. He graduated from The University of the Philippines in Diliman in the Law School and had a bachelor's Degree in Political Science in the same University. I had a conversation with him last week and, what I felt was that he would be prouder to be distinguished as a good husband and a good father to his kids. And because he quoted for 3 times the words “Seek here first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you”, I perceive that he is striving to be a good son to our good Lord. Ladies and Gentlemen let us welcome Atty. Ted Pascua.

GPCCI gives Special Award to Dualtech Center

gppci-dtc2015Dualtech Center paid tribute to its pioneers as it received a special award for excellence and long-standing implementation of German Dual Education Model

On November 26, The German Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognized Dualtech Center as the pioneer school in the Dual Training System (DTS) during the first Vocational Training Award Gala Night held in Marriot Hotel.

Mr. Arnolfo Morfe, President of Dualtech accepted the award as a tribute to the founders of Dualtech represented by an organization called the South East Asian Science Foundation, Inc. and its partner institution, Hanns Seidel Stiftung of Germany.

Work Hard in Silence

mr-dyDualtech made me believe in “working hard in silence, letting your success be your noise” -- Antonio Dy | A55, Batch 1998 | Information Technology Manager, NAESS Shipping Philippines, Inc. | IT Consultant

It was an unfortunate life in the beginning. I never learned what it meant to be a kid. My mother and sister both worked as laundrywomen, and it was not enough. It also became my routine to study in the morning and to work on the remaining hours. I helped my mother to sell eggs, banana-que, peanuts, and vegetables for our daily needs. It was my desire to have a better life.

Hanns Seidel Foundation

p-schaferSkilled Workers: Backbone of the Society

Skilled workers like you are the backbone of the German industry and economy – which is one of the best in the world.  You are now armed and ready to pursue the next step: use what you have learned, work towards your goals, contribute  to your families, your communities, the society… to the common good.  YOU are the backbone of the society. -- Mr. Paul G. Schäfer | Resident Representative, Hanns Seidel Foundation/Germany

Mentoring is Win-Win


“Dualtech ang naging daan kung paano ko pagsikapan at ibigay ang buo kong kakayahan sa bawat trabaho, sa bahay man o kumpanya.” This conviction was the tool Reymart Elazegui carried when Dualtech sent him to Boston Semi Equipment for his company training. He has no money to start with, nor powerful patrons to back him up to find a good company. It turned out that what Dualtech has been providing him –  holistic personal values formation with skills training, is the most important companion in his work as trainee.

A Generous Couple: Mr. & Mrs. Jack Herbster

Jack and Amor“It is not only in business you can grow your money; you can spend it when you give it to the right person. He will grow it because he would start earning, so then he could also help somebody. This is our investment”

This is the living principle of Mr. and Mrs. Herbster who have helped many scholars through financial assistance and parenting. Life is very simple for them. They are blessed with material wealth; and this gift is shared to the poor most especially to the young ones who have still hopes to succeed.