Dualtech Training Center

Pioneer in Dual Training in the Philippines
Dualtech Center pioneered Dual Training System (DTS) in the country. It was established in 1982 adapting the German model, where the school and industry train students in real life-work experience.

Partner to over 140 Companies
Dualtech Center has more than 140 partner-companies where the students are deployed for their on-the-job training (OJT).  Partnership covers various industries in manufacturing and servicing.

Professionals serving in various sectors of industry
Many among over 11,000 graduates have become shop floor leaders in various sectors of industry from fabrication to manufacturing, to metals, to packaging, to electronics and semiconductors, to printing, to aviation maintenance, to automotive, to information technology, to food equipment, etc.

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Fuji Electric Philippines, Inc.

dennis-ortiz"When you graduate, you earn the fruits of your P.H.D., meaning your PUNCTUALITY, HONESTY and DISCIPLINE. Be punctual - from the moment you apply for the job. Be honest - this is a sign of your dedication to your job, with your heart and mind in it. Be disciplined - have strong self-control when things are difficult on the job. Failure is an opportunity for improvement." -- Mr. Dennis Anthony L. Ortiz | Vice-President for Operations | Fuji Electric Philippines, Inc.

Work With All Our Heart

castrodes“I was struck when one of my managers told me that I must impress first with the good attitude and have good values towards work; because technical skills can be acquired in the short period of time but attitude cannot be taught in an instant; it is a long process to change. I learned that work is not just for me but to be offered with all our hearts to God. -- ANTHONY R. CASTRODES from Bohol | Awardee, Silver Merit, Outstanding In-school and In-Plant, and Learning Excellence | Trained at Union Galvasteel

Build the Best in Us

barela“Education is not just in the subjects in the classes that our teachers gave us. It is also like an investment that builds the best in us. It equipped us with skills, abilities and virtues to make us ready for the real world. Having an education will set us free and be the best we can be! Be ready to face challenges and obstacles in our lives and know how to deal with it." -- MARVIN S. BARELA | Awardee, Silver Merit and Oustanding In-School Performance

Partnership for the Greater Good

j_chipeco“I know that the success of dual system depends on the cooperation of the Dualtech and its partners. Without its partner companies, the virtue of the working will not be experienced by our students. We will continuously support the mission of Dualtech for the benefit of the greater good...” -- Hon. Antonio Joaquin “Jun” Chipeco | 2nd District Representative, Laguna

Capable Skilled Workers

j-castillo“Be proud that you are part of legible and capable skilled workers of this country that will build this nation into its greatness. Wag po nating kalimutan ang ating bansa once na maging successful kayong lahat. Maging katulong kayo para paunlarin ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa. Graduates, this is your time to shine WELCOME AND ENJOY the journey towards SUCCESS. Your best life is about to come. -- Engr. Jamie Castillo | TESDA Laguna Provincial Director, Dualtech Commencement Exercises | October 27, 2017