Top 10 Cooperating Companies for 2023 commended in annual recognition ceremony

Dualtech Center recognized its top 10 cooperating companies for 2023 in a ceremony for their exceptional partnership and dedication to the dual training system program. They distinguished themselves through the quality of training, employment opportunities, mentoring support, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, among others.

These companies were not just recognized for their contributions to the school’s mission but as true partners of Dualtech. Their collaborative and cooperative approach, focusing on the scholars’ well-being, exemplifies the spirit of the partnership. In addition to receiving a plaque of appreciation, the partners were gifted a limited copy of “The Running Boy,” a coffee table book commemorating the milestones of Dualtech.

During the event, Mr. Leonard Calma, Manager for Linkages, presented several updates about Dualtech, including developments in the Electromechanics Technology course, partnerships with various institutions, community visits and CSR projects, short courses, and more.

In his address, Dualtech President and Executive Director Engr. Jerry Webb Muhi discussed the future of Dualtech and challenged the group, saying, “Think of Dualtech as your school.” In the Dual Training System, the partner companies are accredited by TESDA as training sites. In essence, the partner companies serve as an extension of Dualtech, acting as “schools” themselves.

The recognized top cooperating partners for 2023 are:

  • Daiwa Seiko Phil. Corp.
  • Elektro Werk, Inc.
  • EMD Technologies Phils, Inc.
  • Handling Innovation, Inc.
  • Kyokuto Kaihatsu Enterprise
  • Middleby Philippines Corp.
  • Philippine Manufacturing Company of Murata
  • Reel Service (Phils.), Inc.
  • TriTooling Precision Corp.
  • TRP, Inc.

This ceremony not only celebrated past achievements but also served as a reminder of the invaluable partnership between Dualtech and these companies.


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