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Dualtech scholar from high school to college

“I want to recognize and acknowledge that I was amazed that Dualtech has served not only in Luzon but gone as far as Visayas and Mindanao. I became a scholar because of good institution like Dualtech and I was a scholar from High School up to College. With being (1) Malayo ang tingin, (2) Masayahin, (3) Magaling, (4) Marami pa ang dadating, and (5) Madasalin, I will be expecting to see Dualtech graduates to be one of the best in whatever field they are in.” — Mr. Norman S. Gayloa, Country HR Head | Temic Automotive Philippines, Inc.

I prepared a speech 2 weeks ago when I was invited to speak before you. And after realizing this morning the struggles of being a student, I decided to speak from the heart. This is really an honor to be invited by Dualtech for their 34th Anniversary and going to 35th year. Congratulations Dualtech! And did you know that this year we expect 3.7 Million enrolled in College around the country. On that 3.7 Million graduates, we expect about 580,000 in engineering and technology and you know how many graduated in the expected 580,000? 15%. Congratulations, you are among who graduated this year.

I also want to recognize and acknowledge that I was amazed that Dualtech has served not only in Luzon but gone as far as Visayas and Mindanao. So I decided to share with you my story. I was also a scholar like you. I became a scholar because of good institution like Dualtech and I was a scholar from High School up to College. There was a time in my college days that I had no allowance. You are very lucky that you have allowance and even free lunch. I had no allowance during my college days. I needed to take my toilet into public malls to just get the thing done.

I want to share with you some of my secrets in life. These are secrets because I believe that because of these five secrets I had been through, I became what I am today. Take note.

1. Malayo ang tingin.  Kung wala ka ambisyon at pangarap sa buhay, wala ka patutunguhan. Noon gusto mo makapagtapos, now you should know what you want five years from now. Yun lang ang libre sa buhay. Libre ang mangarap. Did you know that, 5 years from now, things will change. We are talking already in industry where  everything is automated. That is going to be big in industry like us where one person can operate. All the inventories will be coming into eye glass. And everything will be managed remotely. We expect also the consumption of work, the machine work will be like operated by robots. We have now 1 robot in our plant now that works, 24 hours a day without benefits, because it was a robot. Next year we are expecting 3 robots working 24 hours  per day. So that’s my point, kailangan malayo ang ating tingin.

2. Masayahin. Smile and the whole world smiles at you. Despite of your problems, who want to be with negative people? We all want to be with happy people. So even the entire life is so rough, and difficult, you always look at the world half-full instead of half-empty. Dapat lagi tayo masaya kahit mahirap ang buhay. You know what, when you smile and maintain a happy disposition, your age be at least 5 to 10 years younger. The world is tough, but we want to be with happy people.

3. Magaling. Every company would want their people to be competent. And kailangan pag magaling, you should be the best wherever you are. You should not stop studying, you should not stop learning. Because we have to be ahead of our field.

4. Marami pa ang dadating. When I was still studying, sabi ko sa sarili ko “marami pa ang dadating kahit isang beses lang ako kakain”. It’s that hope that gives up light and inspires us to continue in our life. Libre lang naman ang mangarap. And when you have an opportunity to join a company, wag ka maging madamot sa talent mo. You share your talent because you can also learn from the others. And it also inspire you to learn more.

5. Madasalin. At some point in your life, there would be ups and downs. In our 30 years of marriage, we will not survive without God in life. And in my company, with now 2,000 employees in the Philippines and Continental Temic is just 1% of Continental around the world. Continental is a 40 Billion Euro Company with 220,000 employees around the world. Imagine that. And you have given the responsibility in the Philippines. And our vision is to have at least 10% of Continental Business for the PH. There is nothing impossible with God. I have proven that in 30 years of marriage and and in my career kailangan hindi natin kalimutan ang Diyos. I have terminated 3 managers in the last 3 years because of lost trust and integrity. Honesty and integrity is the most important. I hired a technical graduate like you. He was very inspiring and visionary and competent. From technical school, he pursued his college degree and master’s degree and became supervisor in 3 years and there was an offer for manager job that happened last week. Because of honesty and integrity issue I have to let him go. So that is how important God is in our life. Because only Him can sustain our values. As you go higher in an organization, you will be tempted with several things. Because the higher position given to you, the higher resources you will have.

With that 5 M’s, I will be expecting to see you all one of these days to be one of the best in whatever field you are in. There is no Mountain that is too high that you cannot climb.

That would be all. Thank you.


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