Synergistic Partnership

Synergy Sales International Corp. was incorporated to answer the unmet but important needs of the packaging industry. Beyond the excellent products and machineries, Synergy also focuses on what the packaging industry lacks—excellent service.

There is an existing synergy between Dualtech and Synergy through a partnership agreement. Over the years, deep ties were forged because both institutions share the same values. Ties are strong such that the first batch of trainees are working at Synergy after so many years. These alumni are rotated to various departments for better professional development. Mr. Arthur See, Synergy President takes a personal interest in the training of the scholars. Duty assignments are well planned so the trainee gets maximum exposure. Synergy has opened their conference room to accommodate Dualtech scholars from near by companies, to attend the mentoring classes.

Synergy is a 5-year partner awardee. They have pledged to take in more scholars, not only for their plant but, also for other factories the owners operate.

Receiving the award is Mr. Arthur See, President (second from right). Ms. Leila Silvestre, HR Manager, and Ms. Amecel Rose Magon, Engineering Manager, (second and third from left) who all played significant roles in having Dualtech trainees present in the plant. Messrs. Leonard Calma and Jefferson Gonzales presented the plaque of appreciation.



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