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To See is to Believe

The referral or suggestion of one foundation to another, bears fruit that benefited students from Tacloban.

When the Consuelo Foundation learned about a visit of Dualtech to Tacloban, they invited Streetlight to come over to check what Dualtech could offer. That was the first encounter of Streetlight with Dualtech. Three staff from Streetlight attended the orientation and they were amazed with the values formation that a trainee could inherit. Streetlight was also convinced of the platform of being employed after two years of studies.

23rd of October 2015 when Dualtech visited Tacloban to recruit possible trainees who can study in Dualtech Training Center, Laguna for two years. Dualtech conducted an orientation for the out-of-school youth who stopped their education after finishing high-school and for those who can not afford to go to college but still wishes to study and interested in finishing a vocational course.

Streetlight was able to visit Dualtech on November 16, 2016, they have seen much more than they’ve heard during the orientation. Witnessing how the trainees of Dualtech show respect to people and how politely they interact with new people. It shows that the scholars are not only equipped with technical skills but with values.

We expect nothing in return from our scholars as long as they will continue to mold themselves to become better persons.” a message from Streetlight. It would be true to say that the achievements of the scholars are also the achievements of Streetlight.

Mark Anthony Royo was a scholar of Streetlight even before studying in Dualtech. Mark was given support to go to college but due to lack of focus, he himself volunteered to stop because he felt that he no longer deserve the scholarship. He worked for several months farming together with his father. He had this realization that it was a lot easier to hold a ball pen for writing compared to a machete for cutting off grasses.

A friend of his mentioned that there is a school named Dualtech that is looking for possible trainees willing to study in Laguna. After hearing this news, he told his parents. He knew that it will be hard for them to support his studies financially.

It was about time to go back to Streetlight and apologize for wasting the previous opportunities. Seeing the willingness and eagerness to study in Dualtech he was given the second chance. Mark was granted the scholarship. He is now currently on his  8th month in Fuji-Electric finishing 18 months of on the job training.


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