SDP: Shindengen Dualtech Partnership

Shindengen never ceases to be a company in which its employees and their families can take pride in its contribution to customers, society and the environment.

A few hundred steps away from Dualtech is a 25-year partner awardee: Shindengen Philippines Corporation. Shindengen is a subsidiary of Shindengen Electric Mfg., Co., Ltd., Japan, producing Silicon Rectifier Diode. The same is supplied to customers all over the world to convert energy efficiently.

Twenty-five years as a partner is a considerable achievement. Consider the changes in management throughout the years. Compounding the situation is the health crisis this past 2 years and the previous crises, notably the global financial crisis in 2008 and the Asian currency crisis in 1998. Yet, Shindengen kept the partnership intact.

The shared values between partners made the partnership last such a long time. In the Shindengen company profile “SDP brings total quality in the conduct of its business. Shindengen adapts a Quality Policy not only to bring about excellent performance in its products but also to achieve distinct professionalism and personal growth among its employees.” Precisely what Dualtech instills among its scholars.

Receiving the award is Mr. Naoya Tsunokawa, Shindengen President. Mr. Arnolfo Morfe, Dualtech President personally awarded the Plaque of Appreciation. Present are representatives from Dualtech and Shindengen.


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