Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) organizes an Info Webinar about Dualtech’s Scholarship Program

RCM continues to assist Dualtech to gain scholarship grants and referrals of potential industry partners. Their latest venture was the hosting of an Information Webinar about the school’s scholarship program. The webinar was conducted to promote Dualtech’s program to Rotary Club of Manila. There were over a hundred guests, members, and dignitaries in attendance. All of them are potential supporters to sustain the partnership between RCM and Dualtech.

The event was hosted by RCM Star Rotarian Anton Mauricio. RCM officials present were RCM President Felix Francisco “Chito” Zaldarriaga, RCM-Dualtech Scholarship Program Chairman Robert “Bobby” Joseph Jr. and RCM President ‘Elect’ Herminio “Hermie” Esguerra. Representing Dualtech were President Arnolfo Morfe, Executive Director Jerry Webb Muhi and, Manager of the Sponsorship and Alumni Relations Office Mr. Rommel Tejada.

The program started with remarks from RCM key officials:

“…you will be a vital part in the biggest milestone that will impact the lives of many deserving Filipino workers. Workers who have the potential skills or capabilities, but have been burdened with economic disadvantages in their lives.” “It is my hope and prayer that this event, will be the springboard of our other brothers in Rotary; not just in our district, but [eventually] on other districts. Let this be a start of a movement that will change the lives [of] many.” – RCM President Felix Francisco “Chito” Zaldarriaga in his opening remarks.

“I know that this will have a lot of advantages for us… [we have] to see to it that the results will be very successful in saving lives… especially now that high-school children cannot go to college.” “I really appreciate the support of Dualtech who are working with us. – RCM-Dualtech Scholarship Program Chairman Robert “Bobby” Joseph Jr.’s message.

“[We are] here to recognize the worth of all useful occupations, vocations and livelihood programs, that can help the marginalized segment of our community. That is why one of the best examples that exemplifies this, is the scholarship grant (RCM-Dualtech) initiated by Bobby Joseph and RCM.” “Dualtech Center produces good electromechanical [technology] graduates who are often sought after by companies, due to their high skill level and honesty. Since then, I have been an avid fan of what they do, and would tell my friends about Dualtech Training Center.” “This is why I believe we must support this foundation” – Mylene Co, Head of Vocational Service, Rotary International District 3810

“Hearing about the mission and vision of Dualtech Foundation and this scholarship program, I was moved to support this cause, because we can secure [a] good future to our youth and the country, by allowing more young Filipinos from poor sector[s] of society to hope and reinvent themselves.” “Rotary’s partnership with Dualtech proves that when institutions share the same vision, and actively work together, we can create a greater impact on society.” “With this, I encourage more Rotarians to support this project by funding more scholars… to enable them (Dualtech) to empower more young Filipinos, develop their potentials, be quality trained and become morally upright persons. This is an opportunity for us to make a difference… and inspire others to do the same.” – Rotary District Governor, Robert Coa

Dualtech President Arnolfo Morfe and Executive Director Jerry Webb Muhi then proceeded to explain the school’s history, mission, academic program, and sponsorship system. They then opened the floor for question, clarifications and comments.

The RCM-Dualtech partnership was launched last December 12, 2021, awarding an initial 10 scholarships. The partnership’s goal is to provide a total of 30 scholarship grants by March 2022. The webinar is a precursor to RCM-Dualtech’s mission to widen the reach of this program to other Rotary districts, and eventually, Rotary International.

RCM Foundation Chairman and President Elect Herminio “Hermie” Esguerra, in his closing message said: “I am a true believer of Dualtech’s program since they produce individuals that are morally upright. I’d like to thank Dualtech for including the Rotary [Club] in the roster of partners, this is a good partnership between the family of Rotary and the family of Dualtech.”

RCM and Dualtech is scheduled to hold an event to turnover additional scholarships on March 27, 2022, at the Dualtech Center campus in Calamba, Laguna


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