Partners Provide Rooms for Mentoring

Dualtech’s Electromechanics training program

Four (4) partner companies of Dualtech shared spaces in their facility for mentoring, coaching, and life skills training of Dualtech scholars.

In Dualtech’s Electromechanics training program, trainees study the basics of the course during the first six months. They cut to size a piece of metal, connect electrical devices, operate lathe machines, weld metals, draw simple isometric plans, and clean their work areas after each class.

Training is not just by doing the bare minimum. They can not simply pass their projects without putting their very best. They do not only focus on the technical aspect of the Electromechanics course, for training to be above the ordinary, it needs another important element – the right attitude towards work. At first, trainees might not have it yet, much less understand the value of working well. Somebody must mentor them the right things, not just once, but repeatedly for a period of time.

mr. albert

At Dualtech, the trainees attend the mentoring sessions weekly. These are interactive group discussions handled by experienced professionals who mostly come from the same industry where Dualtech trainees train. They follow a balanced curriculum which runs for eighteen months. In the learning sessions, trainees express their ideas freely; brainstorm with their classmates; and build teams. Usually, they hear talks that can be readily applied in daily life. As the program progresses, the trainees develop good criteria in decision making that translates to good relationships with their family members, friends, and colleagues at work.

Forms International in Caloocan, Handling Innovations in Parañaque, Artesyn in Rosario, Cavite, and Telford in General Trias, Cavite

Four partner companies now provide rooms used as training stations to accommodate the weekly mentoring activities. These are Forms International in Caloocan, Handling Innovations in Parañaque, Artesyn in Rosario, Cavite, and Telford in General Trias, Cavite. Dualtech trainees are also doing their in-plant training in their factories. It helps the trainees to attend to weekly schedule and save them time and allowances.

Forms International and Handling Innovation also opened their venues to other trainees from other companies.

Handling Innovation

More partners value the mentoring program of Dualtech. Assisting the trainees develop technical know-how already spells a big difference. But when the support goes further, beyond the technical skills, partners would benefit on the productivity and proper right attitude.


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