On the Mentoring and Accompaniment in Dualtech Center

In describing the mentoring and accompaniment component of our formation for the students, there is one story that may illustrate the process quite well.

The story is about Icarus (in Greek mythology), who with his father Daedalus, was able to escape prison by flying away using fabricated wings made of feathers and wax. He was given instructions and accompanied by his father but due to excitement of being able to fly like the birds (like a god), he disregarded the instructions of his father – – not to fly too high for the wax that kept the feathers together may melt due the heat of the sun nor fly too low that the waters below may wet the feathers. Icarus met a tragic fate because he didn’t want to be guided all the way during the flight. The sense of freedom of flying had thrilled him that he forgot the reason or purpose of having the wings.

Our youth of today are no less tempted to behave like Icarus. The gift of freedom may be much demanded by them as soon as they are able to choose outside of their parent’s guidance. Because of the immediate results or luck of what they had chosen to do, they tend to disregard the purpose of choosing or acting and thus may blindly arrive at an unfavorable outcome that they are responsible for and yet hard for which they may refuse to accept.

The mentoring program aims to guide trainees to couple their freedom with the sense of responsibility and the use of upright means to arrive at their goals in life. The mentors serve as subject matter experts of different fields of trade and professional experience. They accompany the trainees in this area of their professional life as in-plant trainees of Dualtech’s company partners.

Like Daedalus, who wanted to provide a better and freer future for his son, they are guiding the trainees to open their eyes to the world around them and make smart professional, personal life and family goals and so achieve them with the proper tools they are able to equip themselves with.

The mentoring team conducts sessions on various mentoring topics from self-awareness to making smart goals to time management to budgeting and the basics of personal financial literacy. Mentors point on the ethical standards that could help them build principles in life leading to uprightness in conduct whether in work environment or in the family and social relationships. Mentors conduct individual mentoring sessions that concern more on the personal application of learnings into particular circumstances. These two approaches are like two sides of the same coin of the mentoring and accompaniment program. So, the sessions provide the perspective or the lenses through which they could identify their goals and means to get there; the individual sessions help the trainees to identify the steps to personally apply the learnings, how to start and continue with their goals in accordance with their own circumstances.

The mentoring and accompaniment process, for mentors and trainees, requires the practice of virtues and values like sincerity, obedience, humility, concern for others and the like. Besides, taking considerable account of the precious value of time and recognition of the dignity of each person, are equally essential in its practice.

Through the years, Dualtech Center has worked hand in hand with its partner companies in mentoring and accompanying trainees so that they are able to get formed in the various aspects of their professional, personal and family life – that they may keep the balance of what they can do and achieve in their work without disregarding their intrinsic dignity as persons.

Dualtech acknowledges the valuable contribution of its company partners in providing the opportunity for trainees to be mentored and accompanied by experienced mentors.  This  includes, but not limited to the following: abiding
guidelines that assure the educational institutions like Dualtech to provide the life and work essentials to make them work-ready and later on as valuable employees contributing to the good of the industry; secondly, by providing a
well-rounded plan for their training and development as workers in their field or products and services; thirdly, provide venues or means for trainees to be able to attend their regular mentoring sessions whether onsite, online or offline.

Dualtech is grateful to partners including Handling Innovation, Tanduay Distillers, Synergy Sales International Corporation, and Styrotech Corporation that provide physical mentoring hubs to Dualtech trainees for continuous
character development.


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