Milestone: Dualtech Team gets vaccinated 100%


Over five months since the Philippines kicked off its COVID-19 immunization drive, it’s official: Dualtech has finally inoculated 100% of its teachers and staff.

Dualtech’s attainment of 100-percent-vaccination for its teacher and staff increases the parents’ and students’ confidence and encourages enrollment. Even though vaccinated individuals can get still infected, the likelihood of infection is much lower. The vaccinated population also tends to carry lower viral load, thus reducing the odds of transmitting it to others and of developing severe COVID-19.

Given the challenge of having a shortage of supply of anti-COVID vaccines, this level of protection is a hard feat to achieve, certainly one to be so grateful about.

Regardless of vaccination status, everyone is urged to continue practicing the minimum public health standards. At Dualtech all are required to wear a face mask, face shields, wash or sanitize hands and observe physical distancing.


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