Many Reasons For Congratulations


“This event is made more meaningful because despite the pandemic you finished your studies and are ready to embark on new challenges.”

-Dir. Cariza A.Dacuma-

TESDA Laguna Provincial Director

Dir. Cariza A. Dacuma, TESDA Laguna Provincial Director, delivered the keynote address during Dualtech’s commencement ceremony last June 26. She described the event as “a mixture of excitement and a challenging exercise.” The excitement because it is graduation day. The challenges because of the health crisis. PR Dacuma dwelt on the excitement.

She reminded the graduates to take a look back and see what was achieved. For this she says:

“Congratulations. When you first decided to take a course in Dualtech.” It was the first step to achieve your dream to having a better life.

“Congratulations. The moment you decided to take your white shirt off and to put on the grey one with the emblem of Dualtech.” That was the moment you said “ito na talaga ang gusto ko. Pagbubutihin ko na.”

“Congratulations. Everytime you thought of quitting but decided to stay.” Committed to be better and tougher

Lastly, “Congratulations as a graduate in Electromechanics Technology.” This is the course which will open so many opportunities to the graduates.

Her “look and see” how far you have gone puts into perspective the graduates’ series of successes leading to graduation day. It brought to the front the graduates’ ability to go through two years of training.

PD Dacuma then continues to advise the graduates as they leave Dualtech. “Be grateful to your school -Dualtech. Your skills were developed, and attitudes polished. Remember your teachers. Thank God for their lives. Be inspired by the things you have seen, or you’ve witnessed from them. Cherish their precious guidance. As you face the future, be brave in facing your challenges.”

To the school she also says “Congratulations to Dualtech. Thank you for providing quality and the best skills your trainees need. Thank you for the values that you have laid in their hearts. Thank you for molding these trainees to become responsible citizens of our country. Thank you for being an instrument of hope to our youth. I am sure your advocacy will inspire them to do the same.”



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