Lao Foundation signs new scholarship Moa with Dualtech Center

Lao Foundation, Inc. (LFI) remains committed in its advocacy to make an impact on youth and disadvantaged communities. On September 7, 2023, LFI hosted its Partners’ Convention, which included a Memorandum-of-Agreement (MOA) signing with Dualtech Training Center Foundation Inc.

During the convention, LFI foundation welcomed new partner organizations, and encouraged various partners to share their accomplishments for the year. In his opening message, Mr. Dean Lao Jr., President of Chemrez Inc. and Chairman of Lao Foundation, emphasized that the people behind the business units of the D&L Group of Companies share in the dedication of the like-minded partners’ mission of giving back to the community.

During the event, Mr. Muhi provided an update on Dualtech’s achievements over the past year and shared plans for the year ahead in collaboration with the LFI. The signing of a new Memorandum of Agreement symbolized the long-term alignment of goals for both.

Since 2015 when the partnership started, LFI and Dualtech have collaborated together to begin important projects particularly on education. Last year, both organizations also signed a MOA for initiatives to benefit Typhoon Odette victims.

This year, LFI will sponsor 80 scholars from different communities such as in Bukidnon, Quezon, NCR, and other ZEP2030 adopted communities. The “Zero Extreme Poverty Philippines by 2030” is a civil society-led movement that was launched in 2015 to serve as a platform for collaborative action to help reduce extreme poverty in the Philippines. Thanks to LFI’s increased scholarships grants, and in coordination with other organizations supporting the ZEP2030, Dualtech’s 2-year Electromechanics Technology course would now be able to reach even more beneficiaries.

Dualtech expresses its gratitude to Lao Foundation for their continued support and generosity. LFI and Dualtech will continue working together to help less fortunate individuals to be trained in skills and values, and guiding them towards work opportunities after adequate education.


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