Lao Foundation Leads Crusade against Poverty

Production of AVP materials for Pre-Education and Pre-Employment and ZEP 2030 Programs

We want to share our thanks to Lao Foundation, Dualtech administrators, and our respective trainors in our companies for assisting us in this momentous event towards completing our course.”, this was a common recount which came from the three (3) Lao Foundation, Inc. (LFI) scholars that graduated this 23rd of July 2022 who were interviewed for an audio-visual presentation to be released by LFI.

This AVP from LFI about their scholars with Dualtech Training Center is to be released this year. These scholars are under two programs under LFI: Pre-Education to Pre-Employment (wherein these scholars are assigned to their companies such as Oleofats Incorporated for possible future employment) and Zero Extreme Poverty (ZEP) 2030 program which is an action plan in support for the social movement ZEP 2030 addressing indigency across the Philippines through education and employment hopefully by 2030.

For the first program of LFI, they have two (2) scholars namely Benjie C. Bandril and Ulysis D. Desunia Jr.. The former was from Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro and enrolled during the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic; traveled by sea through a ship alone in hope of changing his destiny towards economic improvement. Coming from a household whose parents’ livelihood comes from rice farming, Benjie one day said to himself while enduring by the heat of the sun while farming:

Is this the kind of life I’m going to have? Will I achieve my dreams of having a better life?

As he thought about this, God’s grace brought him the news about Dualtech and eventually he got qualified and became a LFI scholar. Ulysis, on the other hand is from Bataan; he also faced challenges at an early age as he was sent by his parents when he was Grade 2 to be raised by his grandmother, then later adopted by a different family during his teenage years. He found out about Dualtech and had an urge to finish the 2-year Electromechanics Technology since he thought to become an engineer someday.

Another scholar under the LFI ZEP 2030 who was interviewed was Jeric M. Ponayo who originated from Sipocot, Camarines Sur. His family’s livelihood revolved in coconut farming.

They studied in Dualtech with the support of LFI, later doing their training in their respective companies, which eventually led to their graduation.

Again, LFI is inviting everyone to also support them in this advocacy, and one will learn more about it by watching their AVP sometime this 2022.


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