Kapihan sa Dualtech

Dual Training System (DTS)

Dualtech organized a forum for partner companies regarding the partnership and Dual Training System

In this Kapihan, representatives from industries discussed their involvement in the Dual Training System (DTS). Dualtech has been listening to industry for the past 34 years. Academe-Industry cooperation does narrow the skills gap.

Dualtech listens so its curriculum and training plan for the students fulfills  the needs of the industry. The training hours required is no “field trip” as one participant stated. She grieves over the fact that some schools not even have a hundred hours of practicum which does not suffice for the safety briefing alone.

Says another company, “It is company prerogative to set hiring policies. We know what we need.”

Through DTS, the company does good to society.

The Kapihan has encouraged Dualtech to continue implementing DTS.

“I could give 100% support to continuing the education and getting scholars from Dualtech. We have 30 scholars who are now our regular employees” – Dina Gotis, HR Manager of Daiwa Seiko Philippines Corporation

“We are viewing this as our CSR. For us, after the tie up, we provide opening for people to work for us. We have more than a hundred trainees who went to our factory. We have gotten very positive comments from our partners in Malaysia, Singapore, and China on how these trainees perform in their factories.” Nory Araza, Operations Director, Telford SVC Philippines, Inc.

“I would like to give these kids the break and opportunity to grow and to develop. I support and continue this recruitment from Dualtech. The opportunity to train so they could join us or if they decide to leave, open better opportunities  by having qualification in applying for a job. Rest assured we will continue this CSR.” Patrick Cua, General Manager, Kooler Industries, Inc.


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