Journey from Grade 9 to ALS in Cebu and to Dualtech      

John Aldren Nuñez, a three timer Grade 9 student, completed high school through DepEd’s Alternative Learning System in Toledo City, Cebu. After taking a 2-year Electromechanics Technology at Dualtech Center, he is now a regular technician in an automatic test equipment supplier in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu.

The reason he had a hard time focusing on Grade 9 was two-fold: the need to help his father who was involved in freelance construction projects, and his lack of interest in the subjects. He also admits how he would be disobedient in or just avoid the more difficult subjects, such as English, until the absences pile up. But thanks to the mentoring and encouragement of his teacher in ALS, he graduated from the level and was encouraged to apply in Dualtech.

Upon realizing what it meant to be a student-trainee at a busy pace at the Canlubang campus, He tried to show this time around a renewed sense of responsibility. For example, he channeled his homesickness into playing basketball with his boardmates and some employees of different companies in Carmelray. He tried to earn through various part time jobs as a helper, cook, waiter in the school cafeteria on Sundays and sound system technician during community events. He was able to save money for his personal needs and tried to send whatever he could for his younger siblings. His father’s work is not permanent and his mother is a full time housewife.

For him, the pandemic coincided with many good highlights, such having sufficient savings to get by, and then being hired by a food company in September 2020, and then graduating from Dualtech that December.

John has definitely gone far in showing his past and present mentors that he has tried to maximize all types of opportunities that came his way. In fact, a trip to Cebu to check on his family led to his getting hired as a board repair specialist. Despite this, he never stops nurturing great plans that will help him and his family. He intends to have enough company experience that will allow him to study electrical engineering through the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accredited Program or ETEEAP.

For now, he appreciates how work can be offered to God as a prayer, and how blessed he has been.


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