“Industry-ready” Graduates

Last August 5, 2023, 106 work-trainees received their diplomas for the 2-year course in Electromechanics Technology. To one of the graduates, Ryan Almazon, the diploma was the result of not just 2, or 3, but 6 years of waiting, juggling priorities, and working. In his Salamat Po speech, Ryan Almazon detailed how he eventually found meaning in his unique situation of struggles while he persevered to secure his diploma.

From 2017 up to the years of the pandemic, Ryan had to deal with overwhelming priorities; an issue would get solved, only to be succeeded by another which drained him of resources and effort. He was already an in-plant trainee in 2017, but difficulties in the workplace made him quit working and went on a leave for 6 months. But soon after, he asked for help and was able to resume his in-plant training. Then the months of quarantine happened, and he was back to waiting once more while making ends meet with savings. Afterwards, he managed to find work in a plant without any sort of diploma or certification. Then he finally realized that his job at that point did not ensure stability, but that a diploma would.

In his speech, Ryan explained what all the hardship meant to him: “It is through these that we finally understand what it means to live life, and to find ways to fulfill our goals that we want to achieve. (Dito natin tunay na maiintindihan ang tunay na kahulugan ng salitang buhay at paano punuin ang mga pangarap na gusto nating marating balang araw.)” He also shared his own realization about his achievement: “We need to use these diplomas for meaningful work, otherwise they would end up as decorations. (Ang mga diploma ay mag sisilbing palamuti lamang kung hindi natin ito magagamit ng may kabuluhan.)”

TESDA Laguna Provincial Director Cariza Dacuma served as Guest of Honor and Speaker representing the TESDA’s Regional Director in CALABARZON. She described the graduates as fully equipped to be assets in the technical field: “The Dual Training approach to education has [equipped you with] not only theoretical knowledge but also hands-on experience making you truly industry ready.” She also challenged the new electromechanical technicians by calling them as “prepared to hit the ground running, making [them] assets to any organizations.” She elaborated on the graduates’ “journey through the Dual Training System … a testament to the power of experiential learning and the strong bonds between education and the industry. It showcases the seamless integration of classroom knowledge with real life application, giving birth to a new generation of workforce that bridges the gap between academia and the world of work. [Graduates] are equipped not only to excel in your respective roles but also to contribute to innovative solutions to the ever evolving demands of the field.”

Dualtech Alumnus, Donn Bryan B. Tolentino led the oath taking of the graduates as new members of the Dualtech Center Alumni Association.

Also present as guests were various representatives from various industry partners, some present to witness the graduation of their own trainees: Mr. Christian De Chavez, Dualtech Alumnus & Trainer Sonion Philippines, Inc.; Ms. Alyssa Joy Esteban, HR Supervisor, and Ms. Gemmalyn Vargas of Styrotech Corporation; and Ms. Mylene Caparas from Siix EMS Phils. Inc.


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