First IT Summit

IT Summit at Dualtech’s study hall

Last May 18, 2019, the Dualtech Alumni Association hosted the first IT Summit at Dualtech’s study hall. The event was attended by more than 200 Dualtech alumni, partners, students, teachers and staff.

The summit had two parts: a Master Class on Cybersecurity and a Forum on IT as career.

The Weakest Link

The Master Class was delivered by Mr. Joseph Mark Aquino, a cybersecurity expert.

Cyber threats pose of the most serious economic and national security challenges our country faces. Cybersecurity affects nearly every aspect of our lives – critical infrastructure, banking, healthcare, transportation, and even our homes. Mr. Aquino framed the security threat in simple terms: “With home appliances connected and accessed through a computer, a breach in security would expose all our private information.” Mr. Aquino stressed that a “single employee could be the weakest link” in the breach of security. In one company, Mr. Aquino narrates, that his team sent a false email to all employees with the subject line: 1st Quarter Bonus. Within 5 minutes majority of the employees opened the false email. “What if that email had a virus?” Mr. Aquino asked. The consequences would be damaging to the company and its clients.

At present, businesses are often faced with the dilemma of juggling multiple requirements simultaneously, thus, more often than not, data protection takes a back seat.” Mr Aquino explained. This scenario exposes enterprises to threats such as viruses, service disruption, identity theft, and many more. “Companies with more than 50 employees and/or 150 clients should have their data secured” Mr. Aquino adds.

From Electromechanics to IT

The second half of the summit was a forum where 8 Dualtech Alumni talked about how they found their careers from Electromechanics to IT.

Interconnectivity is inevitable, organizations have to extend cybersecurity practices and adopt them more diligently when it comes to industrial control systems. With interdependency between IT systems and industrial control systems, businesses will need to revisit how they understand IT within these types of operational technologies. Considering that these systems are linked to real physical systems, organizations will need to find ways to seamlessly integrate these systems while ensuring physical and logical security.


All 8 alumni were unanimous it saying that in their experience, Electromechanics was a good foundation for IT. There’s another side of technology that is often overlooked by enterprise IT processes — the industrial control systems that handle physical processes through monitoring or direct control, such as valves, pumps and similar systems that have a physical “switching” function. Who better to understand this “switching” function than a person knowledgeable in Electromechanics? A background in Electromechanics will make it easier to connect the concepts of industrial control systems and corporate information networks.

The alumni were also unanimous in saying that interest, passion, study habits and good work attitude is important in the IT career. All these they have learned as they were Dualtech students once.


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