Dualtech Signs-in More Partners : T3 Foundation, Electro Werk, and Fineline

It usually takes time for a sister company (affiliate, subsidiary) to “buy-in” on a project. It may be because each company functions independently. But,these days, the wholesale “buy-in” of groups of companies who want to partner with Dualtech is increasing.

The case of ElektroWerk and Fineline Industrial Marketing is an example. These two sister companies are distributors of power tools and other industrial equipment. In a hybrid MOA signing ceremony last March 14, a partnership was forged. These two companies may take in Dualtech students for in-plant training.

The “buy-in” did not end with the companies as partners. Elektro Werk and Fineline brought in T3 Foundation, Inc. to provide scholarship grants to Dualtech. T3 Foundation, the socio-civic arm of both companies, “has the goal of providing support to Filipino youth by providing capacity building opportunities, educational programs, and financial aid, training them to become excellent workers for God’s glory.” (T3 Foundation profile)

Mr. James Tan, President of all 3 entities, mentioned that the effect of assisting students through in-plant training and scholarship grants, does not only help the student. The families and community of these students will be affected as well.


Mr. Arnolfo Morfe, President of Dualtech, mentioned with T3 Foundation offering scholarships, Dualtech will provide the students with 3Cs. Dualtech will form the “character”, develop the “competence” and strengthen the “commitment” of the students.

Dualtech welcomes donations for scholarships, education subsidy and living allowance. Application for enrollment is continuing. Visit the website at and for more information


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