Dualtech recognizes its Best Partners for 2021

After a 2-year hiatus, Dualtech gathered the best partners for 2021 in an awarding ceremony at the Canlubang Campus last April 6. The event was the first face-to-face gathering of partners since 2019.

The 10 awardees are RNM Dynamics, Sonion Philippines, Daiwa Seiko Philippines, Unilab, Kyokuto Kaihatsu, Shims, Licton Industrial, Atlantic Grains, and Shindengen. While accepting scholars for in-plant training is already a CSR program, the awardees did more including extending assistance to the trainees during the Covid-19 health crisis. Their CSR was not simply compliance to mandated association or organization standards but, real and genuine compassion for those in need.

In his welcome remarks, Mr. Arnolfo Morfe, Dualtech President mentioned that the awarding “cannot be repeated” because the conferment happened during the 40th year founding anniversary. This makes the group of awardees “elite partners”

“It is partners like you that will propel Dualtech another 40 years” Mr. Morfe said.

On the side of the partners, appreciated most was the “character formation” taught in Dualtech. During the lockdown and restriction of movement due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Dualtech scholars were much relied upon. Attendance was not an issue for the scholars. A very welcome contribution to the partner companies is how a young and in-training scholar participates in their Kaizen program. All of the awardees did not hesitate to hire their trainees upon graduation.

In the closing message Mr. Jerry Webb Muhi, Dualtech Executive Director narrated his experience in his campaign for enrollees to Dualtech. He often gets asked the question “What is the difference between Dualtech and the Tech-Voc schools in our area?” He answers: “The difference is the network of partners that Dualtech has.” With just the 10 partners present during the awarding, other schools will have a difficult time acquiring such numbers. Dualtech has over 100 partners where students can train and later be employed. Mr. Muhi, on behalf of Dualtech, thanked the partners for a “fruitful partnership”.


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