Dualtech Hosts 2nd Virtual Job Fair

Dualtech Alumni Relations Office ( hosted a virtual job fair last September 22. The event gave the alumni the chance to explore job opportunities offered by participating Dualtech partner companies. There was a total of 8 companies that opened their doors to Dualtech Alumni.

These companies know how Dualtech educates its students. Being partners, these companies have seen first-hand how the Dualtech scholars work. If as in-plant trainees the students display an excellent work ethic, then the alumni are of the same discipline.

Preparation is key. To help prepare the job applicants, Dualtech invited a Human Resource expert to deliver a motivational talk. “Job Interview Dos and Don’ts To Build Self-confidence and Leave A Lasting Impression” was the topic of the talk of Ms. Karen Somera, HR Head for South Cluster Manufacturing of Unilab.

A key take-away of Ms. Somera to the job applicants was to “demonstrate your competencies. [Show] what you have accomplished.” It is not enough to indicate the skills learned but rather indicate what was accomplished because of the skills gained. An amusing advice was “Not to rehearse the answers so much that one will sound robotic. We are not a participant in a Ms. Universe contest.”

The companies that joined the job fair were: EMD Technologies, Inc., Asia Brewery, Inc., Susalum Corporation, Monde Nissin Corporation, TRP, Inc., Nutri-Asia, Inc and Far East Advance Plastic Corp. Truly, the partnership between Dualtech and the participating companies is strong and healthy.

A common refrain among the seven companies was that training never stops once employed and how the companies take care of their employees.

In line with the government’s effort to decongest the heavily populated industrial areas, some partner companies will process applicants who are willing to be deployed to the provinces. The “Balik Probinsya” project is supported by the following companies: Unilab, Monde Nissin and Asia Brewery.

As Dualtech nears its 39th founding anniversary more activities as lined up. There will be another virtual job fair in October.


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