Dualtech Dedicates a Shrine to St. Joseph

“Each of us can discover in Joseph -the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence- an intercessor, a support and a guide in times of trouble.”

-Pope Francis, Patris Corde

“Virtue and Work” is the motto of Dualtech. We see it in the Dualtech seal. If the motto could be personified then, it will take the form of St. Joseph. At Dualtech, having the image of St. Joseph became a reality. Last March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph, a shrine dedicated to the Patron of the Universal Church, was unveiled and blessed.

Having a shrine dedicated to St. Joseph in Dualtech is so fitting. A school that champions the merits of “work and virtue”, should have the model of “work and virtue”: St. Joseph.

The spiritual formation in Dualtech is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei ensures the doctrinal and moral soundness of the formation imparted in Dualtech.

In a homily of St. Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei, he says this about St. Joseph: “St Joseph’s life is a good example of this: it was simple, ordinary and normal, made up of years of the same work, of days — just one day after another — which were monotonous from a human point of view. I have often thought about this, meditating on St Joseph’s life; it is one of the reasons for having a special devotion to him.” (St. Josemaria, In St. Joseph’s Workshop). The same reason why a Shrine of St. Joseph is right for Dualtech.

With the shrine in place the teachers, students and staff will have a venue where they could contemplate the life of St. Joseph. A life that they could make their own.“St Joseph can teach us these lessons, because he is an ordinary man, a family man, a worker who earned his living by manual labor — all of which has great significance and is a source of happiness for us.” (St. Josemaria, In St. Joseph’s Workshop)

“During the hidden years in Nazareth, Jesus learned at the school of Joseph to do the will of the Father. That will was to be his daily food.” (Pope Francis, Patris Corde) It will not be difficult for the students to imagine the workshop of St. Joseph and how they belong and identify to his life.


St. Joseph is not only our model for work, family life but to a life of prayer as well. “Speaking of Saint Joseph in the book of her life, Saint Teresa says: ‘Whoever fails to find a Master to teach him how to pray, should choose this glorious Saint, and he will not go astray.’ — This advice comes from an experienced soul. Follow it.“(St. Josemaria, The Way, number 561)

For all of us, St. Josemaria has this to say: “Therefore, never neglect devotion to him — Ite ad Ioseph: “Go to Joseph” — as Christian tradition puts it in the words of the Old Testament. “(St. Josemaria, In St. Joseph’s Workshop)

Dualtech would like to encourage the reader to read the whole homily of St. Josemaria about St.Joseph. Click on the link

“This will help us find out what God is telling us through the simple life of Mary’s husband” (St. Josemaria)


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