Dualtech Bless Ground for Excellence Center Canlubang

DUALTECH on Saturday blessed a shrine dedicated to Saint Joseph and blessed and broke ground on the future site of the EXCELLENCE CENTER CANLUBANG building in its Carmelray Campus. The project is part of DUALTECH’s campus development plan and the major milestone for its 40th year anniversary commemoration.

The center will provide Dualtech with the venue where techno-practitioners can mentor young men and budding professionals to acquire continuing professional and values education, social responsibility, and spiritual maturity.

The project pushes through despite the challenging times, with the continuing COVID-19 challenges and the conflict in Europe.

“Today, we broke ground and officially launched one of Dualtech’s campus development projects, and at the same time, symbolically laid the groundwork for our future plans toward forming further future professional men among the youth.” Arnolfo Morfe, President of Dualtech, said during the ground-breaking ceremony.

In his presentation Arturo “Archie” Yan, Excellence Center Building Development Committee Chairman, expressed his confidence in the project’s mission. Mr. Yan said this new building would “symbolize Dualtech’s confidence in the future and contribution to building a better Philippines.” He added that this demonstrated Dualtech’s conviction the “Philippines will see brighter times ahead.”

Redefining part of the skyline of Carmelray Industrial Park, the ECC will rise on a 720 square meter lot with a total floor area of 1,926 square meters. One main feature is the Oratory which is expected to have high foot traffic.

The lobby which leads to the main hall and indoor amphitheater may be used for a plenary session. While, at the sides are five function rooms for break-out sessions.The events area of the lobby and larger function rooms for meetings, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions are amenities open to partners. These event places will help sustain the center.

All in all, the center is a venue where one will experience many activities. Imagine a professional (a student) before going to office, passes by the center to visit the oratory and pray. At the end of the day, a stopover for a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, spiritual direction, chat with friends, and a study circle. The student may spend a few minutes of serious and quiet time for his lessons before going home. For a “homy” atmosphere there will be a living room where informal gatherings can be held. A roof deck where informal get-togethers may be organized, for some unwinding and loosening up of weary minds. At the ground level, the property will have landscaped space for participants to stimulate progressive thinking.

The center will enhance the quality of professional, personal, and spiritual formation not only to the people of Carmelray but also in the surrounding Industrial Parks, communities and schools. The project is yet the only center of its kind in Calamba City and surrounding municipalities and cities in the Province of Laguna.

The spiritual formation in the center is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei ensures the doctrinal and moral soundness of the other aspects of formation imparted in Dualtech.

Opus Dei (“Work of God”, in Latin) is an institution of the Catholic Church, a personal prelature. Its purpose is to contribute to the evangelizing mission of the Church. Specifically, it educates people about the universal call to sanctity and the sanctifying value of ordinary work.

Dualtech invites people to participate in building and furnishing the center. For more information on how to help, please contact

ECC Project Bank Details
Account number: 002180020461


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