Dualtech awards a 5-Year Plaque of Appreciation to PGFLex

PG Flex Premium Plastic Corp. is a 5-year partner of Dualtech. The company learned about Dualtech through an alumnus working with them. For five years now PGFlex has been training Dualtech scholars. Trainees in the plant get to practice the full course in Electromechanics. PGFlex management made sure that the students get to be rotated and exposed in the different manufacturing processes. Scholars were assigned critical tasks reserved for trusted personnel.

The synergies between PGFlex and Dualtech the past 5 years produces a partnership built on trust and confidence with each other. Not only does PGFlex produce plastic products but competent and professional employees.

The company has 9 trainees at present and trained over 30 Electromechanics.

The photo shows Mr. Arthur Mauro Rumbaoa, Engineering Manager of PGFlex accepting the Plaque of Appreciation from Mr. Jerry Webb Muhi, Dualtech Executive Director.


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