Dualtech and MaJeKaL Mission collaboration for underprivileged youth in Tondo, Manila

In a recent visit to Dualtech Center, the MaJeKaL (Make Jesus Known and Love) Mission Team, led by Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Daguita, expressed their admiration for the institution’s commitment to preparing underprivileged youth for meaningful employment.

During the tour to Dualtech’s facilities, the MaJeKaL team applauded Dualtech’s training and development programs. “This is exactly what the Philippines needs for its youth today,” remarked Fr. Daguita, who also serves as the Parish Priest of San Pablo Apostol Parish in Tondo, Manila. “The model that Dualtech has established is truly inspiring, and I believe it can be a beacon of hope for the young people in our community.”

The MaJeKaL Mission focuses on children from impoverished families in the Tondo area, many of whom make a living through scavenging. They believe that access to quality education can provide a more dignified and productive future for these underprivileged youth.


“We are deeply impressed by Dualtech’s commitment to empowering young people and providing them with the tools they need to succeed,” said Fr. Daguita. “We hope that we can work together to expand Dualtech’s reach, particularly to the deprived areas of Tondo, where our mission is focused, and help more young individuals aspire to a better life.”


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