Dualtech and EEI Corp. visit local leaders and scholars’ families in Aklan and Antique


Amidst the homely scenery in Nabas, Aklan can be found windmills, a technological marvel that was first commissioned in 2015. The turbines supply 36-megawatt (MW) of power to the town’s 20 barangays which includes the households of Brgy. Pawa. The facility is owned and operated by Petro Wind Energy Inc. (PWEI), a joint-venture firm among Petro Green Energy Corporation, EEI Power Corporation, and BCPG Public Company Ltd of Thailand. With the project, the seemingly impossible has been achieved.

But aside from this engineering feat, the LGU of Nabas looks forward to another dream come true, which is more Electromechanics Technology scholars that can be oriented towards stable employment. And indeed, the dream is now reality as EEI visits the area, this time to meet future scholars and even hold recruitment activities.

Dualtech Center and construction company EEI Corporation visited selected LGUs in Aklan and Antique. The first visit was at the municipality of Tangalan, Aklan to meet the new batch of scholars who will proceed to Dualtech for training. The success stories of the first batch from Tangalan inspired these scholars, who are recent graduates of the senior high school program, to enroll in Dualtech’s Electromechanics Technology course. Tangalan is the hometown of Mr. Christian Villaco, a Dualtech graduate who secured gainful employment at Sabpptech Services Incorporated.


Mayor Gary Fuentes and Vice Mayor Gene Fuentes welcomed the representatives from Dualtech and EEI. The LGU is known for its innovations and community programs for the local community in Tangalan, Aklan, and this training opportunity is an additional intervention for the aspiring scholars.

To inform the locals in Pandan, Antique of the group’s visit, Dualtech and EEI Corporation were the guests in the local radio program. During the show, EEI talked about the recruitment and hiring process, while Dualtech discussed the Electromechanics Technology course. Some skilled applicants from the local recruitment activity were placed in the recruitment process by the EEI team.

An announcement was made that the first scholar from Pandan had just completed the 2-year Electromechanics Technology course. This was welcome news for many parents who attended the activities and had sons who were work trainees in the EEI Corp.

Dualtech also held career talks at Mag-aba National High School and Patria National high school, both in Antique. During the career talk at the first-mentioned school, family members of two Dualtech scholars gave testimony to how these scholars got the best training. Currently, these scholars are undergoing training in Middleby in Binan and CSP Development Corp in Quezon City.

Teachers at Mag-aba NHS pointed out the changes they saw in their former students who are now scholars, particularly in their tendency towards vices. These boys are now known for offering help to their needy families when they get extra allowances from their training.

In Patria NHS, the principal will schedule career orientation. They will see this as a good career path for their learners and to those who have no means to go to tertiary education.

One of the highlights of the visit was to the LGU of the windmill farm in Nabas, Aklan. The team met Mayor Maria Fe Lasaleta and PESO Manager Algene Sabay. The PESO organized the local recruitment activity of EEI Corporation and career talk of Dualtech Center in the municipality covered court. A tour to the windmill project in the mountain range of Nabas, Aklan was also organized. This facility not only provides electricity to the neighboring communities, but is also a sign of a boost in overall employment in the surrounding area. Electromechanics is an in-demand skill set for both the establishment and maintenance of this facility. Within this field, Dualtech trainees can find in-demand careers for the years to come.



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