DUALTECH Alumni Complete Foreman Development Course

“With an average industry experience of 13 years, all these alumni needed is formal training in leadership…Kayo na ngayon ang magiging modelo para sa susunod na taon.” Limuel Razo, Corporate Vice President of Unilab

Amherst Laboratories, Inc. is a pharmaceutical toll manufacturing company that manufactures a variety of solid and liquid prescription products in major therapeutic categories. Amherst Laboratories Inc. is the addition to the manufacturing network of UNILAB.

Amongst the Manufacturing Technicians in Unilab, three Dualtech alumni were chosen to attend the Foreman Development Program. The pilot program started in December 2021 and had its graduation last July 12. The Foreman Development Program enables qualified Master Manufacturing Technicians to learn, develop and strengthen technical and leadership skills, prepare them to assume leadership roles as part of their career development plan, and support current and future business needs.

With an average industry experience of 13 years, all these alumni needed is formal training in leadership. These alumni are now competent to carry out their function to direct, supervise and troubleshoot routine issues that occur on the job site.

The program has a duration of 737 hours (93 days). The participants are to gain the competencies of (1) Methods/Workplace Design and Improvement; (2) Time Standard and Performance Setting; (3) Process and Cycle times and (4) Production line balancing among others. They had to go through various assessments including case studies with oral “revalida”.

The program coverage is so comprehensive that the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is considering including the course in its National  Certification (NC) courses.

Dir. Cariza Dacuma, TESDA Laguna Provincial Director graced the graduation and wants a second batch to start immediately. This time a pilot batch is open to other production technicians of different plants.”Kayo ay mga part ng workforce which are also ready for the 4th IR which is the integration of human with machines and the internet” Dir Dacuma described the graduates in her speech.”I hope you continue lahat ng learnings and possible na hindi lang kayo dito ang uunlad kundi yung ibang mga companies pa.” Dir. Cariza adds her wish to have the program opened to others.

Limuel Razo, Unilab, Corporate Vice-president, Manufacturing Network, conceptualized the program and was very pleased to see it to completion. “I’m very glad that all of you successfully completed the course” Mr. Razo said in his welcome address. “I’m also very happy that you now have the opportunity to move up in the organization…Kayo na ngayon ang magiging modelo para sa susunod na taon.” Mr. Razo adds.

Unilab shall apply the Foreman Development in all its manufacturing networks which are DTS partners of Dualtech.


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