Course Offered

Electromechanics Technology Course

Course Description

This Course is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude of students to operate, work on or repair and maintain various industrial equipment and facilities. It combines Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics technological practices for an all-round multi-skilled graduates exposed in maintenance or production jobs.

Course Delivery

The technical training course consists of two phases using the day-release scheme of Dual Training System (DTS). The first phase is the 6-month Basic Stage Training Program (BSTP) wherein the scholars spend full-time in-school training. The second phase is the 18-month Advance Stage Training Program (ASTP) wherein every week scholars report to the company for 5 days for his in-plant training and then report to the school for one (1)  for his in-school training.

Modules / Subject Descriptions:

Machine Shop Practice

The theoretical part deals with the study of the fundamentals of machining operation (turning & milling). This includes discussion of the cutting tool materials, cutting tool geometry, care and maintenance of related tools and equipment.


This trade subject deals with the study of the basic skills in the mechanical trade, with emphasis on the study of fundamentals of the metal trades and observance of workshop discipline, safety rule and regulation in the performance of work within a given time. The subject includes discussion of the structure, function, and proper handling of handtools, and machines, relevant standards, operation plan in correlation with different work processes.

Mechanical Fundamentals

This trade subject dealt with the study of measuring system structure, function and use of workshop measuring instrument. This also includes discussions and handling of measuring instruments. This block also aims at providing knowledge and skills in care and maintenance of the different measuring and checking instruments, geometrical constructions, orthographic drawing, preparation of working drawing including dimensioning, scaling, pictorial and sectional drawing. Exercises in interpretation of assembly drawings.

Electrical Fundamentals

The trade subject discusses about handtools in electrical work, materials for electrical work including hands-on in joining methods, wire preparation and layout, electrical wiring devices, electric circuit, grounding, wiring methods, and troubleshooting and repair of electrical wiring.

Electronics Fundamentals

This trade subject deals with the study of passive and solid state devices such as diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits. It also covers testing instruments, principles of operation, handling and repair. This also deals with the study of basic principles of solid state devices used in logic controlled equipment, its characteristics or parameters and application to solid-state controller.

Basic Christian Doctrine

This subject aims to give the student a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith and to foster in him an appreciation for the sacrament of penance. This is primarily intended for the catholic students. However, non-catholic students also attend for added cultural formation. The students are expected to learn some basic prayers, how to receive the sacrament of penance and the central truths of the catholic faith such as the Blessed Trinity and Jesus Christ.

Personal Development Course

This subject aims to help the students manage his school life properly. Study techniques is also imparted to equip him for the academic load of the whole program. Pointers on proper behavior at school and home is also given to improve his human formation. This subject also aims to help the student prepare for his in-plant training. This also aims to foster in him a genuine love for work.

Technical Fundamentals

The subject uses materials and exercises in improving basic analytical speaking and reading skills.


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