Carmelray Industrial Corporation

Carmelray Industrial Corporation

It was indeed a pleasure for me to be invited to commencement ceremony. I was fortunate to meet Marvin Adolfo in the ECOP conference last month and I was also thankful to meet Arnold Morfe when I visited your school recently. I was very impressed by what I heard and by the success story of Dualtech which was established 25 years ago. I am very happy that your school has produced about 7000 scholars in Canlubang, Calamba City and has helped so many families through the valuable technical education it has imparted.

Let me tell you the story of Carmelray and how it was started 26 years ago in 1990. My father, Ramon A Yulo passed away in 1982 because of cancer and a long bout of heart disease and hypertension. He left behind a family of young children and we were forced to grow up and fend for ourselves. I was 19 when my dad died and I was second year college at the Ateneo. When he passed away, I decided to change course and took up Business Management because I knew I had to work for the family. I went to Germany in Heidelberg and I studied my Masters there in 1988. When I came back to Manila, we had our first sale with BASF. My sister and I then decided to start a company to do industrial development and Carmelray was born in 1990. Carmelray came from the name of my parents- Carmen and Ramon A. Yulo. Carmelray was born because we had a vision of having a company that would give jobs and spur employment in the Canlubang area, especially after we stopped planting sugar. It was to embody the legacy of my father and we wanted to promote the values we believed in- hard work, integrity, justice, care and compassion.

If you look at the names in the park, you will see the vision we had. My sister and I named the streets in the park and we thought having names with good value would elicit the good vibes. We chose characters and values that we hoped would embody the new Filipino and also characteristics that we hoped the country could aspire for.  Notice the names- Progress, Unity, Wisdom, Prosperity, Industry, Excellence, Integrity,  etc.  All the street names from Morningfields were also named after good characters and values. We also had a vision that we wanted to keep the heritage and legacy of Canlubang and wanted to preserve the story of the old town. We put up the Mills Country Club trying to relive the old recreation center in Canlubang and we wanted to honor and respect my grandfather, Jose Yulo and my father, Ramon Yulo.

I also wanted to share with you some of my beliefs and nuggets of wisdom to help you as you go thru your careers. Today is a momentous occasion as you go out to the world. But remember these after you graduate.

1. Be the Best You can Be
Work hard and follow your dreams. Believe in yourself.

2. Let God Lead You in your Life
Have God as your cornerstone as you go thru your career. Whenever you are needing guidance, pray. Pray hard and ask for wisdom.

3. Stay Strong in Your Values
Integrity – don’t compromise and do what is right
Fairness and Justice
Compassion- care for your family and community
Generosity- having a giving heart

4. Dream – Go beyond your boundaries. Never give up.
I always believed that when I went abroad to study, I learned so much. Fending for myself taught me to be strong and independent. When I came back to Manila, I brought back the skills I learned. So I always believe that we should push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

5. Give back.
My motto is to whom much is given, much is expected.
When we have achieved our success and have enough, it is our turn to help others and share our blessings.

That is basically the lessons I would like to share.  In the end, our life is not judged by how much wealth we have, but how good a life we have lived sharing our gifts and talents with the world so we can make a difference.

Thank you Dualtech. I wish the graduates of this batch all the success in the future. Dream your dreams, make a mark and be the best you can be.

I also congratulate the parents and families who have supported this graduating class.  The success of your children is your success too.  Wishing your children the best in their future. We need good people to help our country and I am sure your children will be the epitome of the model worker/ employee / manager that our country needs.

— Ms. Maria Rosario Yulo Ng, October 1, 2016


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