Bridging opportunities in Masinloc, Zambales through education and community support initiatives

In a show of commitment to community development, representatives from Dualtech Center and Ibiden Philippines Inc., accompanied by volunteer teachers and school heads from San Salvador and Coto, visited Hon. Arsenia J. Lim, the Municipal Mayor of Masinloc, Zambales. This coastal town, rich in fishing heritage but burdened by ongoing conflicts in the West Philippine Sea, faces significant challenges.

The livelihood of many locals, primarily dependent on fishing, is often under strain, making education and alternative learning opportunities even more critical. The Masinloc LGU and DepEd officials pledged to connect Dualtech and Ibiden to PESO and other offices to facilitate training and employment opportunities for the locals.

Dualtech Center and Ibiden Philippines extended their efforts to Coto High School in Masinloc Zambales, delivering a career talk and promoting the Electromechanics Technology course to senior high school students. This initiative aimed to open new opportunities for the senior high school students.

Parents from Coto shared heartfelt stories about the transformative impact of Dualtech’s program. One parent remarked, “We want our children to have opportunities, and Dualtech seems like a gateway for them to have a brighter future and successful life.” Teachers at Coto High School echoed this sentiment, with one sharing how Dualtech had positively impacted his own family, leading to stable and successful lives for his brothers.

Ibiden Philippines further supported the educators by donating laptops to seven high school teachers, enhancing the quality of education and improving the learning experience for students.

The collaboration continued at San Salvador High School, where Dualtech conducted a career talk for senior high school students. This initiative aimed to equip students with technical skills for better employment opportunities.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Ibiden Philippines donated laptops to four teachers at San Salvador High School, enhancing educational resources for both students and teachers. Parents in the community shared their struggles, highlighting that fishing and farming were the primary work opportunities. They expressed hope that Dualtech’s program would provide their children with valuable skills for better job prospects.

A member of the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) emphasized the program’s importance, mentioning her plans to enroll her son in Dualtech to foster both technical skills and personal growth.

The dedication of Dualtech Center and Ibiden Philippines was further demonstrated through a courtesy visit to Ms. Lani Abelda Miraflor, the Public School District Supervisor in Masinloc. The team engaged with ALS (Alternative Learning System) learners and teachers, providing career orientation and essential support.

During the visit, a career orientation session was held for ALS learners and teachers, guiding them toward various career paths. Ibiden Philippines donated laptops to four ALS teachers, aiming to enhance the quality of education and support the delivery of better learning experiences.

ALS teachers in Masinloc expressed gratitude to Dualtech and Ibiden, thanking them for their efforts and the renewed sense of hope and encouragement they brought to the community.


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