Atlanta Industries receives 10-year plaque of appreciation

“Providing Filipinos with world-class infrastructure solutions”

The partnership between Dualtech and Atlanta Industries started 10 years ago. There were initially 10 scholars fulfilling the applied skills training program in the Electromechanics Technology curriculum. Later on, the number of scholars doubled.

Ten years ago, Atlanta was known for the ever-present orange colored PVC pipes. Today, Atlanta Industries is the leading name in its product category. It offers top of the line and quality products for various applications like piping systems, jointing and tools, and furniture, as well as industries like agriculture and poultry, construction, architecture, and marine.

In its Cavite plant, Atlanta launched yet another breakthrough in the field of municipal drainage systems as it adds Structured Wall Polyethylene (PE) Pipes amongst its roster of revolutionary products.

Dualtech has grown with Atlanta Industries. Dualtech scholars are in all their plants. The ten years of partnership did not go unappreciated. Atlanta Industries recently received their plaque of appreciation from Dualtech for a partnership that has grown stronger throughout the years.



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