Angelicum Foundation

Celso Aguaviva, Scholar

Angelicum Foundation gave  me a chance to continue my studies which, I thought, would just be a dream.” — Celso Aguaviva, Scholar

Engr. Andy Malihan, one of Dualtech mentors, introduced Angelicum Foundation to Dualtech. The Angelicum Foundation is the CSR arm of the Ortoll Group of Companies. Last May 2016, Mr. Jorge Ortoll, a majority stockholder of Ortoll Group of Companies visited Dualtech and was able to witness students in action and the facilities. Interviewing students, he saw their determination to continue their education. The resolve of each student mattered a lot to the Ortoll’s.

Angelicum began by sponsoring 2 scholars in Dualtech Manila in 2013. As time passed, they saw the potential of students’ being job-ready after their training at Dualtech. Thus, they increased sponsorship of scholars and, to date, there are 15.

Celso Aguaviva, who is a Dualtech student from Antequera Bohol is one of the scholars of Angelicum and now a trainee at Transcend Technologies, Inc., in Laguna Technopark. When Celso was asked how Angelicum changed his life: “Angelicum Foundation gave  me a chance to continue my studies which I thought, would just be a dream. When I graduated in High School, I thought that I could not continue my studies anymore. We didn’t have enough money to sustain the daily needs and expenses if I go to college. But when Dualtech came to our place and discussed the opportunity to enroll in a technical vocational school, I accepted the opportunity with no hesitation. When I started at Dualtech, I was worried about my daily expenses. That’s when Angelicum Foundation came and asked me if I will be interested in their scholarship program. I am very thankful  to Angelicum for this rare opportunity. I will be forever thankful to the Ortoll Group of Companies for this scholarship. I will never be here at Dualtech without their scholarship.”

The Ortoll Group

The Ortoll Group is engaged in real estate leasing business and have properties in the cities of Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, and San Juan. The Group also has  agricultural lands in Batangas. To date, the Ortoll Group has 17 corporations. They have been doing business in the Philippines for almost  42 years. It was the late (mother) Dona Concepcion Ortoll who was a Philanthropist sending many kids to school.


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