Angelicum Foundation meets their Dualtech scholars in a kumustahan session

On June 1, 2024, representatives from the Angelicum Charitable Foundation, Inc. (ACFI) visited Dualtech Center for the Scholars Kumustahan and a campus tour. The ACFI delegation was led by Ms. Catalina “Tellie” Mallari, Executive Director, and Ms. Marilyn “Che” Naval, Assistant Executive Director.

The Scholars Kumustahan event aimed to uphold gratitude and strengthen connections between scholars and their sponsors. During the event, the sponsors shared words of inspiration and advice that resonated with the scholars, leaving a lasting impact on their journeys. These insights boosted the scholars’ self-belief, enabling them with newfound confidence and determination.

Ms. Catalina “Tellie” Mallari encouraged the scholars to make the most of their opportunities: “Being a scholar of not only Angelicum Charitable Foundation is a great opportunity for you, don’t waste it. Improve not only for yourselves but also for your family and future wives and children. Giving is more important than receiving. As long as we have the financial capacity, we will continue to help young people. Our plan is to increase our scholars next year, so we hope to receive more donations. When that happens, the number of young people we can help will increase. Make the most out of it. I hope each and every one of you succeeds.”

On the other hand, Ms. Marilyn “Che” Naval shared her own experiences and wisdom: “Just improve your current steps. This is your first step into the future. When you land jobs, you will love your work because you worked hard for it. I was once a scholar like you, although under a government scholarship. I had to maintain high grades to continue receiving funds. Don’t give up because it’s for you. Remember the word ‘KAS’—Knowledge, Attitude, and Skills. Employers value attitude highly. Stay humble, even when you face trials or achieve high positions. Always remember where you came from.”

The scholars were grateful to meet their sponsors and share their life experiences. Joel John Hernandez, 22, from Lemery, Batangas, shared his story: “Before I entered Dualtech, I used to work in construction with my father. We all have dreams we want to fulfill, the opportunity to start again and persevere came to me. As a Dualtech student, I appreciate your help. This scholarship became one of my stepping stones as a striver. It helps me reach more than I expected and motivates me to live a better life.”

Jeh T. Berro, 19, from Duero, Bohol, also gave a message expressing his gratitude: “We are five siblings, and I am the second oldest. My father is a farmer and a construction worker, while my mother takes care of us. I finished Senior High School on a full scholarship from a private school. My aunt told me about Dualtech’s loan system, and I applied for a scholarship to support my tuition, boarding house, and food. After a week, I was accepted by the Angelicum Charitable Foundation, Inc. It’s a great help because I don’t have to pay anything during my OJT. I am very grateful to the constituents of the Angelicum Charitable Foundation, Inc. ”

The Angelicum Charitable Foundation, Inc. has supported over a hundred scholars from various provinces, including Aklan, Bataan, Batangas, Bohol, Cagayan, Camarines Sur, Quezon, Laguna, Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, Occidental Mindoro, Pangasinan, Romblon, and Zambales.


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