Angat Buhay integrates mental health and life coaching in its scholarship program

“It is the same in the sense that it is still an anti-poverty program…the NGO will have four key areas: health, education, disaster relief and rehabilitation and community involvement”. -Atty. Leni Robredo – Chairman, Angat Buhay

Dualtech believes in the holistic approach to wellbeing of students: physical, social, spiritual and mental. Early last year, Angat Buhay added interventions to help scholars cope up with life challenges and mental health.

The program will play a critical role in providing advice and guidance on programs and initiatives that will help the Dualtech scholars learn practical life skills that will allow them to pursue their own goals, protect their self-esteem and self-worth, and be adequate support to others.

Angat Buhay initially intended the mental health program to respond to the needs of the Filipinos affected by natural disasters. The project expanded to address the mental health concerns brought about by the pandemic. Realizing that Angat Buhay scholars were not immune to mental health issues, they brought in HARAYA Coaching and Youth for Mental Health (Y4MH) to assist scholars in their respective mental well-being. HARAYA Coaching supports individuals and teams in achieving sustainable success through coaching and learning. Y4MH seeks to elevate the Filipino youth’s consciousness on mental health and end the stigma on mental illness.

HARAYA Coaching and Y4MH wish to extend assistance and have offered their services for the Social Preparation component of the Dualtech Scholars in order to ensure the smooth transition of the scholars to the new environment and mitigate the risk of attrition among them;

The Social Preparation includes (i) onboarding sessions with the Scholars and their families and administrators of Dualtech to measure the readiness of the Scholars to undergo the Program, and (ii) activities integrated in the two-year course to assist in the Scholars’ transition to the new environment as well as adjustment in different key stages of the Electromechanics Course.

Another component is the Capacity Building Training. This is a formal 8-session program that aims to teach the scholars about basic mental health concepts and principles essential in creating mentally healthy spaces, exploring self-care practices, and nurturing coping skills.

The training equips them to identify and approach students with positive mental health concerns. Majority of mental health concerns and conditions can be addressed at the home, school or community level. Thus, preventing the escalation of these conditions that warrant medical attention in the future. School or community-based care is also best suited to address a wide spectrum of mental health concerns, from complicated problems of living to conditions like depression and anxiety.


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