103 trainees participate in graduation rite that also marks closing of celebrating 40 years of Dualtech

Boholano proves once more that patient, hard work can make young people win in life!

In the recent October 7, 2023 graduation rites of 103 trainees, batch representative Ephraen Novecio related to the audience his path to stability through Dualtech. Within a span of two years in his course, Ephraen made the big leap from ALS (Alternative Learning System) graduate in Bohol to Electromechanics graduate.

Ephraen began his speech by saying that even if he felt shy presenting in front of an audience, he still wanted to take the opportunity to explain his Dualtech story. In looking for a school to study, he encountered common hurdles such as financial difficulties and low grades. Advice from his ALS teacher and friends led him to enroll in DUaltech. His struggle did not end there as he next worked on learning to speak Tagalog, eventually even getting Chairman Rolly Rodriguez to praise his grasp of Filipino in his own speech. Ephraen completed his training at Asia Brewery Inc.

Aside from thanking ALS teacher Mr. Romelito Roferos for leading him to Dualtech, Ephraen also thanked the Rotary Club of Manila for supporting him as a scholar. Among the distinguished guests who witnessed the rite were the HR managers and staff of Torres Technology Center Corp., Asia Brewery Inc., and Nikkoplas Inc. Also present were officials of the Department of Education (DepEd) from Dagohoy and Alburquerque in Bohol, who were part of a study tour to understand Dualtech and the dual training system.

Dualtech’s officials also tried to impress on the graduates the significance of this new milestone, which marked the conclusion of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the school. Dualtech’s President and Executive Director Engr. Jerry Webb E. Muhi explained that alumni actually have an influence in the success of future batches: “Some might view that being an alumni or being part of the alumni will result in more work. Now, the alumni are already in the thousands, and they need to see themselves in a new light and to see the importance of their role… Through Dualtech, you have experienced a new birth and we could say that Dualtech as a parent will always be here for you… But it is time that we see ourselves as responsible for the role of helping the school grow. More people can still be helped, and need to be helped. More can still benefit from what Dualtech has to offer, such as youth, communities, and companies that believe in the ideals of Dualtech.”

Engr. Muhi emphasized that the alumni’s good example at the workplace can create a ripple that will affect future graduates: “You might be wondering how some of these companies were able to learn about us. Some of them got to know and understand Dualtech better through the workers that showed exemplary examples within their company. All graduates including you will need to continue that. We will need to continue this good example and if possible to even exceed it.”

In his own speech, Chairman Rolly Rodriguez assured the graduates that there are plans to assist them in their continuous training and learning of the industry’s evolving standards. He also called on the graduates not to forget the value of all their sacrifices and hardship: “There’s a reason why you were able to enroll successfully in Dualtech and there’s a reason why you are now here preparing for your graduation. Many had the chance to almost enter Dualtech, and yet they are not here. In this commencement exercises, you need to realize that this is not the end, but the start of one more chapter in your life, that you will need to make good also in. Remember to make your mark, and leave a good example, show them and keep showing them the important values that you have absorbed here from the school.”

Mr. Winefredo Tacan led the oath taking of the graduates as new members of the Dualtech Center Alumni Association.


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