Work Abroad for Dualtech Alumni


Dualtech hosted a “Work Abroad” Virtual Job Fair last October 28. With the country’s economy still waiting to fully reopen, a good number of alumni have considered work overseas.

EDI-Staffbuilders presented job vacancies in Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, London and Finland. In the pipeline are Poland and Germany.

The Job Fair proved to be one big assist to the Dualtech alumni. Information on the respective country’s peculiarities were presented by the highly competent EDI staff. In Canada, they have to learn French. In Europe, a great advantage is speaking English. As for Japan, no body tattoos. Video testimonies from persons who were deployed by EDI was shown to give a firsthand account of working in a foreign land.

Surprising was the presence of so many alumni working abroad. Dualtech invited three alumni to speak on the working conditions in their respective countries.

Feliciano Santos Jr. is a Machinist at APEX Industries, Quebec, Canada. He had his OJT in a tool fabrication company in Calamba City. He then moved to other companies for work where he further enhanced his skills in machining.

Frankie B. Ilumen is a CNC Machinist / Programmer at Verbom, Quebec, Canada. Working in Canada for 6 years. He was among the first batch of OFW through the “work abroad” program. Among the hundreds of applicants, two were selected and both are Dualtech graduates.

Lexter Borres is a Global Marine Elevator Service Engineer at Nippon Lifts Engineering, Inc, Yokohama, Japan, Batch 2002. He had his in-plant training in a Japanese firm. He worked in another Japanese company based in Manila office as marine elevator technician in 2013. In 2014, he was transferred to the Japan office. He does troubleshooting and inspection of marine elevators.

To close the event, Mr. Averia shared his insights. He was extremely happy that Dualtech and EDI shared a common mission in helping the underprivileged. He stressed to everyone that values formation is of great importance. ”Ang na intindihan namin lahat sa EDI is lahat ng skills natutunan yan. Pero, kapag masama ang ugali mo, at hindi ka makikisama, at hindi tutulong para umasenso ang ibang tao, walang mang yayari sa buhay mo.” Strong words from Mr. Averia.

The number one reason for working abroad is to uplift the life of the family. Mr. Averia reminds the alumni “This will be possible if we do not forget the values inculcated by Dualtech and your family.”

Lastly, Mr. Averia added: “Give back. When you succeed.”

Paraphrasing Pope Francis, these graduates are smugglers of Work and Virtue. There will come a time when an event happens anywhere in the world, a question “Was there a Dualtech graduate present?”.


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