“One of top 10 most improved municipalities” reaps scholarship and job opportunities with Dualtech and Ibiden

The visit of Dualtech and Ibiden to Buenavista, Quezon for career talks and recruitment activities resulted in many fruitful interactions with ALS clusters, aside from extending support to some communities through building materials and laptops.

One of the highlights was the visit with Mayor Reynaldo Rosilla Jr. where he received updates on his town’s scholars being trained in Dualtech. The mayor then credited the town’s growing PESO programs which include employment among others, which led to the town being adjudged as among the top 10 most improved municipalities in the country.

PESO Manager Venus Cleope and Kap Joseph of Ibabang Wasay also relayed in the same gathering the good impression they had of the school, from the attention provided to scholars and students, to the environment for learning, which mold skills and values in everyone.

Manufacturing company Ibiden then shared with the group its hiring opportunities and the recent partnership with Dualtech. It was through Dualtech that they were able to visit the municipality of Buenavista and conduct recruitment and hiring activities.

The team allotted a day to meet several ALS (alternative learning system) clusters in three barangays. In Brgy. Del Rosario, the ALS learners were predominantly the Indigenous Community. In Brgy. Maligaya in particular, the ALS group had no definitive venue for classes, thus the students met the visitors in a nipa hut where they got to hear about Dualtech’s talk and to Ibiden’s career opportunities. In all the meetings, male students were encouraged, once they complete ALS, to apply at Dualtech for training and at Ibiden for work.

Manufacturing company Ibiden donated construction materials (cement and gravel) for a school canteen. They gave 4 laptops to ALS Clusters and 1 laptop to PESO. They also gave medical kits and plastic folders for the ALS learners, most of which were from the IP (indigenous people) community and who were keen to complete their ALS. Ibiden also held local recruitment activities with Dualtech.

Mayor Rosilla Jr. sent his appreciation to the group by saying that the LGU has a well-budgeted IRA that is maximized for many purposes. The LGU would like to implement many goals especially as regards education, but some of these are not yet possible. Hence they deeply appreciated the donations of Ibiden.

The Municipal Office of Buenavista Quezon presented a Certificate of Appreciation to both Dualtech and Ibiden for its support to the community. Special thanks to PESO Manager Cleope Venus for organizing the activities which will result in job opportunities in Ibiden and the dual training in Dualtech.


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