Career in technical education

careerDualtech at the forefront

The Philippines is one of the countries with a growing economy with multinational industries beginning to locate in the country. The province of Laguna, where Dualtech is situated, is home to the biggest privately-developed Technoparks in Southeast Asia, with hundred thousand employees depending on these companies for their income. With such a scale and demand for technology and its partner technical sector, it’s no surprise that the economy is demanding more and more experts well-versed in technical support.

Dualtech at the lead

Dualtech Center is one of the first institutions in the country to partner with industries in addressing this need. As Filipinos push for expanded tertiary education and more globally-certified employees, Dualtech continues to evolve. Securing partnerships with local multinational companies for providing opportunities for graduates, implementing skill-based qualifications for those pursuing tech courses, and acquiring the machines and laboratory equipment to provide learning to their supported scholars. Dualtech also paved the way for the beneficiaries to lift up their communities.

Dualtech also strives that their graduates are raised as morally upright, service-oriented, and charitable persons. Dualtech alumni serving here or abroad are known for sponsoring and guiding struggling students into their careers. Partner companies are encouraged to sponsor brilliant, but less fortunate learners. Dualtech also opens its generous doors to the community; continuously participating in service-based engagements for the betterment of impoverished neighborhoods, especially during calamities and communal tragedies. 
Being future-ready 

The Filipino edge lies within the concept of being “future-ready”—allowing for the propagation of niche industries that endure the test of time and change.


Dualtech is constantly keeping up with the trends and innovations that better the country’s economy. Students and alumni are sent to various training and upgrading seminars to bolster their skills. They are given actual work exposure in companies and factories, with the hope of capitalizing on experience as the best source of mastery. A fluid curriculum allows for practical, applied learning that expose students in machinery and function head-on.
With these innovations in tow, and the country’s hope for technology, Dualtech aims for the progress of our nation.