Embedded at Artesyn: The Dual Training System PARTNERSHIP

Artesyn 1Artesyn Embedded Power designs and manufactures highly reliable power conversion solutions and have Dualtech Scholars embedded in their plant. These Dualtech scholars are fulfilling their 18 month in-plant training in Electromechanics Technology. Like the devices manufactured at Artesyn, these scholars are skilled to perform electrical, electronics and mechanical tasks. 

DepEd Officials from Region VII visited Artesyn in Sta Rosa plant to witness how the partnership between Dualtech and a company works. They also chatted with the scholars whom they endorsed to Dualtech. Dr. Jose Toding, Asst. School Division Superintendent, DepEd Negros Occidental, described the relationship best “Ang masasabi ko lang sa Artesyn, the ambiance is very good… They [Artesyn] are also the bridge or the ladder that our product or Dualtech products to become more successful. We also appreciate the company for giving the chance for Dualtech Learners to get training and at the same time absorbing them for a job.”

Dr. Neri Ocastro, School Division Superintendent from Tagbilaran City, Bohol, connected the dots: from an Alternative Learning System (DepEd ALS) passer to being a Dualtech Scholar then an in-plant trainee. “Isipin mo ALS ang kadalasan ang pinapadala namin. Kaya nga nag ALS kasi  walang interesadong mag-aral, wala silang interest sa fomal education. Bakit dito [sa Dualtech] nag-iba yung tingin nila sa sarili nila? Meron na silang sariling identity. Alam na nila yung patututunguhan nila. Alam na nila yung gusto nilang makamit.” Then at Dualtech: “I think the values formation and the values they are doing in developing other learner is the key to the success in the field on the actual work.” 

Artesyn 2

Dr. Anelito Bongcawil, Asst. School Division Superintendant from DepEd Guiligan City, shared the same sentiment “The training, experience, and even the spiritual honing is very vital for the development of the person. Even [if] a person is skilled but the right attitude is not developed, we can never expect altruistic desire in doing his work and striving for his countrymen.”

Not only are Dualtech Scholars embedded at Artesyn but the Dual Training System. Ms. Lorna Godoy, HR Director, Artesyn Embedded Technologies narrated “the partnership with Dualtech is running for more than 10 years and still continuing. As a matter of fact, when we do head count budgeting, one of the things we budget for the head count, and now becomes default, are Dualtech trainees and no other training center.”