Dualtech featured by ANC

Dualtech ANCABS- CBN News Center (ANC) featured Dualtech Center last Decemeber 01, 2019. in an article, titled “This vocational school brings its underpriviledged students close to future employers,” presenting two scholars, Radin Celeste and Christian Rosas, from Negros Occidental and Quezon respectively. 

As with  the most common stories of scholars, Radin and Christian, as cited in the article, left home to seek better job opportunities by studying at Dualtech. The institution’s more than a hundred partner companies make it possible for them to land in an industrial/ manufacturing company equipped with the demands of a technical workforce. 
The two scholars also shared how they learned life skills, beyond the technical skills that Dualtech offers. Celeste stated how he learned to give more importance in time and how to confidently communicate with other people. Rosas, on the other hand, is thankful for the values of friendship and budget management he learned during the six- month Basic Training Stage. The two scholars are now on their training in a company in Cabuyao City.

In the interview, Mr. Jerry Webb Muhi, Dualtech Executive Director, mentioned the usual fate of a graduate in the common setting- who has “nowhere to go”. Given this, Muhi further explained that Dualtech tries to bridge the gap between graduates and potential employers by giving appropriate training that meets the needs of the companies. “We partner with the poorest communities of the Philippines, from Babuyan Islands to the province of Basilan,” he added.

ANC also described the facilities inside the campus as “more than enough for the students.” It lauds how the cafeteria gives the students a feel of multinational company’s dining experience- a collective aim of Dualtech Center to train students in the actual settings even before they are deployed for employment. 
Mr. Arnolfo S. Morfe, Dualtech President, shared that “in- campus training is more intense but the training provided by partner companies is boost confidence providing bigger opportunities for learning the reality of working with costumers and associates and dealing with pressure.”

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The efforts established by Dualtech Center have paved the way to a brighter future for many underprivileged youth around the country. With the help of many local government units (LGU), private individuals and other non- profit organizations, like ABS- CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Dualtech continues to change the lives of many
Read the full article here: https://news.abs-cbn.com/ancx/culture/spotlight/12/01/19/this-vocational...