Hanns Seidel Foundation Commemorates 40 years in the Philippines

hsf 2019Dualtech Presents Institutional Highlights


Dualtech Center, a long-time partner of Hanns Seidel Foundation since its establishment in the Philippines in 1982, was invited to the commemoration of the foundation’s 40-year service and development cooperation in the country.


The event which was held at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City brought together HSF’s partners and key stakeholders; anchored on the theme, “40 years of HSF in the Philippines: Impact and Challenges.” Part of the program was “a walk-through exhibit” to showcase the project highlights and activity milestones of non- government agency partners.


As one of the most celebrated projects of HSF in the Philippines before turning over the project to Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Dualtech Center presented several highlights of the institution. Pioneering the German education model in the country, the highlights include, among others:


  • Trained an estimated 50,000 scholar- trainees, trainers and worker over its 36-year existence
  • over 13,000 graduates of Electromechanics Technology course, with 98% employment rate.
  • Extending short courses for more than 20,000 workers to address industry needs and upgrade
  • Partners with more than 130 multinational companies in Calabarzon and Mega Manila area
  • Installed into the “Elite Circle of Dual Training System Trailblazers in the Philippines” by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in 2004


The program was led by HSF Chairwoman, Prof Ursula Mannle, who was a member of the German parliament. During the momentous event, she recognized Dualtech as “one of the leading, independently functioning dual vocational schools in the country.”


The development of Dualtech and today’s need for the Filipino economy are impressive. Our commitment was really worth it,” she stressed. “Even after the end of the project, we remain in close, very friendly contact with Dualtech Training Center.”


Its development makes us proud,” the Chairwoman stated.


Part of her itinerary in the Philippines was visiting project partners they helped including Dualtech Center. Prof Ursula Mannle together with HSF representative, Mr. Gotz Heinickie, visited the training facility of which some of the machinery donated by the foundation are still being used by the trainees during their basic training course. A get-together was hosted by Mr. Arnolfo Morfe, Dualtech President, joined by HSF scholar, Mr. Kiko Garcia, who put up his own business after retiring as manager in a Japanese manufacturing firm, and two industry partners: Middleby Philippines and Arktech Philippines.


Mr. Gotz Heinickie, Resident representative of HSF in the Philippines, mentioned that Mannle “was impressed with the remarkable achievement and institutional sustainability of Dualtech Center in providing quality education and training especially for young men from underprivileged families, thus, contributing to the country’s goal of inclusive growth”.


Established in 1967, the Foundation was named in honor of Dr. Hanns Seidel, who served as Member of Parliament, Minister of Economics, then Prime Minister of Bavaria from 1957 to 1960. He was also one of the founding fathers of the Christian Social Union (CSU), a Christian democratic political party in Bavaria, Germany.