Rotary Club of Calamba sponsors Laser Technology seminar

lasertech2019LASER Technology: Tool of the Future. This was the theme of the seminar held at Dualtech Center which was participated by Dualtech learning facilitators.  The learning session was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Calamba that chose to highlight the technical/vocational program as  deemed necessary in building the 21st century skills of learners.


Mr. Ramon Boy Espedido, President of DM Laser Technology Phils., was the speaker-facilitator who acquired his expertise after his extensive training in Germany. He was introduced to Dualtech through an alumnus employed in his company.


“Let there be light.” The key words uttered by Mr.Ramon Boy Espedido in his prefatory words about the LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) Technology. Light is life, light is power as he  continued emphatically. Understanding and harnessing light energy with right parameters can be very useful to man and bring good change to society. The first Laser was built way back 1960, and up to the present laser continues to live on (we may not be so aware of it); it  has been employed in various applications, to name a few: laser printers, optical disk drives, barcode scanners, optical communications, medical treatments, welding materials, etc.


Growing numbers of manufacturing industries nowadays invest in laser technology because of the technology’s incomparable precision over traditional equipment. Production cost reduction is another laser tech’s resultant benefits because of it’s ‘additive character’, unlike traditional equipment which has ‘subtractive character.’ Difference between the two, as clearly explained (by the speaker), the latter takes out the raw material and scrape off (subtractive)  unwanted  parts to produce the desired object; the former is opposite -- it just utilizes exact amount of raw materials (powdered form)  to produce the same object (in the context of 3D printing). Hence, employing laser tech in production can mean zero waste (or utterly minimal if not zero).




Rotary Club of Calamba and Dualtech Center jointly issued certificates to participants.