Opportunities for Franke Scholars

franke-scholarsOpportunity knocks in many ways, shapes, and forms. Opportunity also knocks at different times.


Alan Torriliza believed that his life was already set by his early thirties. The Occidental Mindoro native was working as a Senior Team Leader of the warehouse logistics division at Franke, the world’s leading industry for residential kitchen and housing equipment. He is married with five beautiful children, and with a steady income and a peaceful family life.


After a couple of years however, Alan broke away from his daily grind and began a venture that has uplifted and confused many others before him:

He decided to go back to school.


Alan is one of the two employees who received scholarships from Franke. The company had the singular goal of allowing its workers to finish their tertiary schooling and gain useful industry experience. As a high school graduate, Alan saw the opportunity as golden, despite his earlier trepidation due to his age. He took the chance to study at Dualtech—a decision he claims he shall never regret.


Much like his co-worker, Fernando Fernandez is a recipient of the Franke scholarship. He took the opportunity after spending two years in the Middle East; helping pioneer the first Franke company in that area. From Catanduanes, he started as a welder and grew into his own—once the company realized he was good at managing teams. When Fernando was offered the chance to study, he claims he did not hesitate, as he knew the myriad of opportunities that education could afford him and his family.


Now, Fernando is the Team Leader of the Fabrication Area of Franke. As he continues his schooling, there are talks of brighter promotions and opportunities for his future. His income allows him to go home once a month to Catanduanes, where his wife and daughter are located. He endures the 14-hour travel time to see them, and though he admits that the way may be rough, seeing his family healthy and happy is all the courage he needs to continue. He is proud to own his own house in Catanduanes, and has acquired other assets through hard work.




Alan, on the other hand, is banking on the promotion as Supervisor of the warehouse logistics branch, thanks in part to his schooling at Dualtech, and to the generosity of Franke. He spends his Mondays and Tuesdays at school, and other days at the company, and still earns more than enough to support his five kids. With his eldest now in high school, Alan is ecstatic about the opportunities that Dualtech and Franke have opened for him, and he is proud that his children are growing strong in both mind and spirit.


Lastly, to Alan and Fernando, one of the most important nuggets of wisdom imparted upon them by Dualtech is their faith. Alan credits his brighter prospects to the Lord: “Hindi lang sa pagsimba talaga. Kailangan isapuso mo, isabuhay mo, kasi doon mo malalaman na mas malayo pa ang mararating mo.” [It’s not just about going to mass. You need to put it in your heart, embody it in your life, because this is how you’ll know that you were meant to go farther.