Dualtech Goes Green with Binhi at Ani Festival

binhiani-1Dualtech’s Partners Day ended in a flurry of sunshine and an array of healthy, take home vegetables, as attendees were treated to a harvest festival at the agricultural lot located inside the campus.


Guests indulged in filling their bayongs with fresh fruits and vegetables, courtesy of the garden where Dualtech student-volunteers manage with the help of Eastwest Seed Foundation. The representatives of partner companies were able to partake of natural harvests cultivated and maintained in the garden, with crops ranging from papayas, to tomatoes, chili, eggplant, and cucumber, among others.

The participants of the Partners Day event were also given sweet corn as snacks; another harvestable available at the campus plots. Agriculture experts were also on site to trade industry knowledge and elaborate on different farming practices, and what it brings to the economic landscape of the country.


The festival commenced to rousing feedback, Admin/HRD of Nikkoshi Philippines, Carla Marie De Castro, had this to say about the activity: “No words can express what positive and valuable experience with the Dualtech organized Harvest Festival [sic]. This is an awesome opportunity to know more of agriculture and observe such a supportive community.”




Meanwhile, Ronald Regalado of Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. expressed his enthusiasm to know more about agricultural techniques: “The activity gave me a realization how important a backyard garden is. With the recent reports about increase of prices in vegetables, I think having a small backyard garden will somehow provide instant access to common vegetables right at the comfort of your home.”


The concept of planting vegetables and fruit bearing trees in vacant lots dates all the way back to the Green Revolution in the early 70s, as land is used to increase productivity and to provide food for the community. Dualtech, in partnership with Eastwest Seed, has decided to pay this forward by adapting the practice inside the campus.